July 19th, 2002

Shabu Dog

*honk honk*

Tavis called me before i had to get ready to see Tiffalynx on her b-day. He wouldnt let me go though! oh but hes so darn cute how could i resist? *snuggles her woofy puppy mate* I luuuv hiiim yes i doooo!

Bear's check arrived in the mail today so i was able to buy Tiff a henna kit just cuz i felt bad my present im making her isnt ready and i wanted to get her something else =) and she wanted some more henna anyhow....plus she lets me use it too. Temporary tattoo goodness =)

The Cingular cell phone guys kept harassing us though and trying to throw papers at us to sign to get cell phones. we just walked off and said CINGULAR SUX! i think theyre getting desperate. I mean, they were borderline cat calling us!

I need new makeup for senior pictures. plus i need to re-dye my hair. Tav? wanna do it? =) Not too bright though....

Tiff and i were coming home from the mall and going to go on the freeway. The light was green and the car in front of me wasnt moving so i just kept laying on the horn. Then i realized the car DIDNT HAVE ANYONE IN IT! Honestly, who leaves a car in the middle of the right turn lane? I felt like such an idiot honking at it *rolls eyes*. Then we thought it would be funny if i kept honking at it someone would just appear in the drivers seat and say "oh! IM sorry, was i supposed to be going now? That light was too long and i must have fallen asleep!" dumb..i know. We get weird when were on a root beer float buzz.

Then on the way home we saw a car that was this lipsticky fuschia color that was pretty nasty. We were like, oh that would be funny if the ladys lipstick matcher her car....and it DID! =/

well, gotta mail bear's package and work on Tiff's present. Ciao for now!
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Shabu Dog


*smells her insence* at the mall i bought french vanilla, jasmine, coconut, and strawberry melon

Which flock do you follow?

this quiz was made by alanna

funny thing at the mall awhile ago:
Tavis and i went to this incense stand and first thing the clerk holds up this box in front of Tav's nose and goes.."we have cannibus!" Tav just looks at him shocked and thought *do i really look like a stoner?* and i look at the box and misread it real quick and look at the clerk and ask "Cinne-bus? Cinne-bus? whats that?? is that like some weird mix of Cinnamon and something else?"
im a dork..i should read things more carefully

on another note...
Oooh this is soooo me =) and its mom favorite movie, too *swims away* goes perfect with my *which disney villain are you quiz* where i ended up as Ursula =P

Disney Princesses
Which of the Disney Princesses are you?

*snicker* i just spent a good hour being insane with Tavis on the phone while his friend Russ just sat there and commented. Im really hyper! i think it might have been that root beer float....or maybe a lack of decent food?
anyhoo...so i started a laughing fit and started snorting like crazy *cuz i dont often breathe right when i laugh too hard..im a nerd* and he wanted russ to hear but i stopped laughing right when he put him on thephone and started snorting again when tav came back on. Finally he caught me by surprise and russ heard it.
Then i was on my bed laughing so hard i almost fell off the bed and my boob fell out of my shirt and i go OH NO! tav goes, what? i say "my boob fell out of my shirt!" he goes...how? i say "i was rolling on the bed and it sorta just popped out.." he says "wait..what was that again, nicole?" so i repeated what i said and at that point he had russ listen in on my stupid/embarrassing statement. *sigh* guys....
So yeah, it went on like that for awhile, then i tried to get tav to say "kissy kissy" and "muah" on the phone in front of russ (something guys NEVER do, lol!) he did it and i was happy, but refused to let him go like he refused to let me go this morning, HAHA! got you back tavy!
*kiss kiss*
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Shabu Dog

I hate being a minor

Random acts of self mutilation are rare for me. When Tiff and i were at the mall today i randomly said " i want to get my ears pierced" so we went to Claire's and to my surprise this notice was in the window:
Ears Pierced
Notice! A parent with a photo ID must be present when piercing minors.

what the hell does that mean?
Im 17, im almost old enough to buy porn and i still have to bring mommy in with me to get my widdle ears pierced? screw that!
I hear most kids go to "the guy in the van" who is this guy who will pierce your ears for cheap and does it himself....i havent heard much about him. Dont plan on going i mean...the phrase "the guy in the van" doesnt sound very hygenic....

"here lemme pierce your eyebrow with this sledgehammer and rusty nail"
*but i wanted my EARS pieryeeEEAAAHHHHH!!!!!*
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fat just means theres more of you to love

im watching some diet program and theres all these people struggling to lose weight. im 4'11" and 103lbs...*feels lucky*
*dances around the room* *boob falls out of top again*
dammit! that makes 6 times tonight! time to get a new shirt...
Stupid GAP clothing, i never shop there and when i do they let me down :P
For those of you trying to lose weight..please..for the love of GOD, be careful. I worry =*(
which reminds me, if im gonna stay this way i gotta lay off the donuts =) *munches a box of donuts while Tiffalynx tries to pry her away from it* NO! IM EATING!! ROWR!! *munch munch*

Dude! theres this comedian on TV talking about fig newtons *yum*
apparently a serving size for fig newtons is 2 cookies. Who eats only 2 cookies anyway? thats like grandmas when she says...no no no NO! dont eat anymore than TWO! youll spoil your dinner!
oooh yeah! 2 cookies the size of a postage stamp are really gonna fill me up cuz i just LUUUUUUUUUV your nasty microwave chicken. note to you grams: the microwave was invented to HEAT UP stuff, such as leftovers and TV dinners. Its not for cooking.
no wonder her chicken turns out gray *gag*

you can microwave poptarts too. For those people who dont have enough time to toast theirs. There are WAAAAY too many instructions on those pop tart boxes, who follows those anyways? Re re's? Re re's who dont own a toaster?
Kimbo thinks toasters are yummy..*tries one* CLANG!!!! no...ill stick with poptarts...mmm *chew* tarty goodness

god now im REALLY hungry
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i dont care if i mention any names here

If you have children viewing this, please tuck them in bed and kiss them goodnight cuz Thorns opening up a can of whoopass and i dont want some to splash on them...

Okay....Thorn's gettin a little pissed, could be a side effect from the hyper.

I go on The Icy Boards for some posty goodness with my buddies and i find the forums bombarded with stupid subjects from moorewc278.
in the Balto Questions and answers forum he put A SITE DEVOTED TO HIS CAR! now...im not quite sure on this, but did the great and beloved car named balto pull that serum to the relief of stricken nome? no..thats why they had SLED DOGS!
if hes gonna do that at LEAST put it in a less obvious category like general discussion or the whatever forum or something.
Then he double posts a topic about *mistakes in balto two*
now thats ironic, made a mistake making a post about mistakes?
i called him on it and CW took care of the ordeal.
and what the hell does his username mean? moore, im guessing is his last name..WC...water closet? 278..how much he weighs? *is confused*
or maybe its *moore Wanking Cuz im 278lbs* (subtopic) girls hate me, especially Thorn
I dunno, hes just annoying..dont hate him..just needed to vent. i hate no one
but theeeeen....*as Tiff would say, an den..... an den.....*

CT is starting to really rub my fur the wrong way. Don't get me wrong i mean he did offer to help me with a Thornwolf logo but he just asks/says the dumbest things!
ie: well be having an intense conversation about something and hell go "whats spirit?" "whats lilo and stitch?" "whats a live journal?" "whats VCL?" umm...okay..questions are nice but not when they are all the freaking time! dude, follow the links we give and find out for yourself instead of being an annoying imbicile! I know youre malaysian but thats no excuse! pay attention...
oh and get this...he said this one awhile ago when i posted my picture on TIB
"Thornwolf? youre a girl? i could have sworn you were a guy!!!!"

okay, first of all, my characters that represent me are girls. i talk about my mate a LOT who is a guy, and everyone refers to me as SHE or HER on TIB and my avatar is of Thorn being cute and girly. What....the....hell???? GLAD I COULD CLEAR IT UP FOR YA CUZ, WELL YA KNOW, IM SO VAGUE ABOUT MY GENDER! *situates boobs* yep! BOOBS! *pant pant pant* okay..done yelling...
Then he keeps repeating stuff i say so it sounds all confusing and stuff *grr!* no..no...just..please..sit down before you hurt yourself.

Another topic included the fact that my mom had gotten married. in previous posts i had said:
mom is getting re-married.
I may stay with dad

then CT goes: wait so im confused is your daddy in heaven now and thats why your moms getting married?

well obviously my dads not dead if im staying with him and his girlfriend...

then he acts like my mom is still married to my dad and my moms also marrying another guy! no..sorry...polygamy is not legal in the state of California, i dont know about Malaysia but...i just said "kevin, you frustrate me"
i could tell by the tone of the replies that others were sorta annoyed/baffled by his reply as well

CW had mentioned that hes annoyed by him as well and theres even some topics in the administration only section of TIB about that *hopes she doesnt get CW in trouble for telling me that* *sigh* i wish i was a moderator. I feel like im missing something important all the time =/
at least im not alone in my crazy thoughts...
other than them and Baltowolfy aka alue *yes spelled wrong on purpose* aka every single stupid name shes come up with, i have no beefs with anyone else. Its not that im annoyed easily, its just i get irritated with stupid people and people who insist on breaking the rules and causing chaos! Silver and Fluke put those categories up there for a reason. USE THEM! dumbass....
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