July 20th, 2002

Shabu Dog

Does "No" really mean no?

While talking with Tiffalynx about her guy probs *and believe me, they are plentiful* she told me that she told off this guy cuz she just couldnt stand him talking to her/asking her questions/fussing over her and all around bugging her. Understandable, but then i told her,"do you have any idea how many times i told that to Tavis before we started dating? A lot, thats how many."

She just said i went from, "LEAVE ME ALONE!" to "I LOVE YOU TAVIS!"
yeah...thats it in a nutshell. Hes so damn persistant! And thats why i love him *kisses her mate*.

He knows the real reason why i did that, he kept whining about how i should go out with him. At that time i was dating 2 other guys and just all around enjoying myself. Not ready for committment at all, *much like Tiff is now, and i totally know where shes going with that.* i basically wanted to be like Mariah Carey and as soon as i get out of a serious relationship, date every guy on the face of the planet and have a good time. And i knew that if i got into a relationship with Tavis, it would be a good one and i wouldnt want to break his heart by feeling restless. I guess i just had to get the "wild" outta my system so i could take our relationship more seriously.
This was the right decision i feel because now were happy and i have no regrets! *well except for the fact that i yelled at him to stop whining so many times...and for that im sorry, woofy*

so anyhoo, dont worry Tiff, go wild, have fun! But remember, some things will come back to bite you in the ass ;) *points to bite mark on her butt*
Engel, stop biting my butt please...
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Shabu Dog


i just called my mate, Tavis and he was really down. When hes left to think about too many things he depresses himself, and most of it is about me. I really wish he wouldnt think such sad things, cuz it makes me sad too. Im really worried about him.

I miss him so much and i hope he knows that i love him more than anything in the world...i just hope he remembers that. I would never leave him for anyone else, hes perfect for me.

I vaguely mentioned it to my friend Chris *my ex boyfriends best friend whom i have stayed pretty good friends with*

NicoleSD: why is everyone ive ever dated scared im gonna cheat on them? ive never cheated in my life
sapunk534: its called pbs
NicoleSD: huh?
sapunk534: paranoid boyfriend syndrome
NicoleSD: lol
sapunk534: hehe

I wish Tav and I had more time to talk but between our schedules things have been quite hectic, but im still always thinking about him. Ill be seeing him soon, but not soon enough, i miss him lots =(

Please cheer up woofy, i love you *paws at your goatee* *nuzzles*
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Im really happy now =) I talked to Tavis and everythings fine, i just caught him when he just woke up and he gets that way when he just wakes up sometimes. So its really no big deal, hes fine now and everythings honkey dory once again *licks Engel*

Im also really excited because Vesta (or her friends?) has commissioned me to do another piece =) $45 more to add to my non existant "New York survival kit fund"
I have enough money for the ticket, i bought it already, i just realized i have no money to LIVE when i get out there..Tav said hed take care of stuff, but still...i dont want to totally rely on him, that sux, and if i go to Jay and Silent Bob's secret stash *drool* i want to be able to get a shirt or something.

ATTENTION: I am currently taking on more commissions to bring with me to NY so please, big and small, bring in your art needs =)
even if you just want your character inked on bristol. i have a few auctions up on furbid right now, you should really check em out.
One is a dutch auction (everyone gets one) for 12.50 of my male malamute in a harness. So if you likey, just pay me $14.00 *thats with shipping* and ill give you a quality print! its large, so its worth it. *hint hint*

Hopefully tonight i can give Tiffalynx a live journal code *wants her buddy to join* we have interesting adventures =P
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i had a donut sitting on the kitchen counter and mom dumped her foot spa into the sink, getting my donut soggy wet *sigh*
To make up for it, mom said," Now, what can i say that would bribe you to get dressed and go out to eat with me?"
i said, "two words, Indian food." i LUUUUV Indian food, so we went to "Passage to India" and ordered Chicken Tikka Masala hor however its spelled, its yummy =)
but the service was terrible! we were there 2 hours and it only takes me 15, 20 minutes TOPS to eat a meal that size. They didnt even give us our Naan bread that we ordered until we complained about it. *grrrrr*
However, during this time of no food and bad service, mom and i had time to make up characters for her and her new husband, Mike.
Weve decided that Mike is a grey, black and white boston terrier/boxer mix named Trooper and mom is a blonde, green eyed border collie who has yet to be named. Her name is Jasmine Faith, so i thought of looking up those words in german or something like that, or even just some words that best describe her. =)

i have yet to draw them but mom and i get pretty creative when were together. and were stoked about going to NY too. Mom said shes going to get to NY then asap go directly to Boston to see Mike *totally going against my dads wishes but, eh, who cares right? Hes being a dork right now anyhow and its not like mom would have much to do in Manhattan by herself.* so were really excited.
I cant wait to pounce on Tav as soon as i get to the airport =)
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Liz and i are watching Goodburger. god i forgot how stupid this movie was, lol! Ah well, at least i have some company =)
On a side note, Liz and i had made up a huskey character for her while watching Balto last time and tonight i drew her =)
Her name is Jule and she sorta has border collie markings *dude, whats with the border collies?* shes dark dark grey and white. Shes really cute and im happy with the pic i drew of her. I gave the pic to Liz but shes going to scan it when she gets home and send it to me so i can put it on VCL and my LJ for all to see! =)

Oh yeah, and Heather gave me back my jacket, and she also gave me another jacket free! lol! its soft and grey and fuzzy..i wanna put wolf ears on the hood, but that might be weird ;)

LOL! now liz is playing with the pic i made of Jule. shes going
"shake girl! goooood girl"

weeeeeird ;)
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