July 21st, 2002

Shabu Dog


i am sooo dumb! I keep having these recurring dreams in which the situation is different but the problem is the same. In all my dreams someone is really pissing me off and i go to kick them or punch them and my kicks and punches are really week, almost like im kicking at them under water, and end up just tapping them. Its very frustrating.
Anyhow, so i had another one of those dreams last night where this fat kid was making fun of me at the beach and his little asian girl friend was waving her butt in my face making fun of me. I had a perfect shot at the fat kids groin...so i went to kick him and i either missed or just tapped him every time i tried. Then i mustered up all the power in my leg and *i was half awake at this point* and hauled off and kicked him in the balls...but..my dream ended right before i kicked HIM and i was awake to find myself kicking the iron bars on my day bed at full force!! anyone who would have saw that would know that i just kicked metal bars really really really REALLY hard for no apparent reason. Man that sux *massages her foot*

Also what really bugged me was last night i also had a dream in which I was going to a new school as a freshman in highschool and half of it looked like RB high *where i go now* and half of it looked like Santa Fe Christian *where i used to go. The half that was RB high was all gloomy and overcast and the half that was Santa Fe Christian was all sunrisey and shiny and bright. Which is weird cuz i love RB and hate Santa Fe. Ive had this situation in dreams LOADS of times and i dont know why. Well, like in my real freshman year of HS, my friend annie *the one with the rash, which turned out to be shingles* was my tour guide.
I dont know what triggered it but she was being all know-it-all ish and i finally was able to get up the courage to how i really feel about her manipulating me all the time. I hauled off and told her im not drawing her anything else for ASB cuz she never uses it anyways and how im tired of always feeling guilty for something i know i never did, yadda yadda. She yelled back but then after lots of yelling shut up, looked away and disappeared. But then i was alone and id idnt know where to go so i had to ask a teacher how to get to room 25 for my spanish class *i was already 44 minutes late cuz Annie was taking me in the wrong direction* it was the first day of school so it didnt matter, i just told them my guide got lost. And that was the end of that.

But one of the most disturbing dreams i had last night was I went to Havasu with my dad and much like one of the times i went, I met a guy in an obscure place. *one of the times i met a guy in a baskin robbins and gave him my e-mail addy and we became friends...* This guy i met was a lot like him only he had black hair and looked a bit like my hairdresser, Anthony. For some reason my dad allowed me to go to his house, and we were sitting on the bed drinking water *i hate water* and he goes and tells me "i want to kiss you" i said..."i have a boyfriend" and he goes "you didnt tell me you had a boyfriend when i asked" im like "when did you ask and its not like i thought you didnt know with the constant references i make." so he goes "well is he here right now? no...hell never know" and i got really pissed and just left and he was using his niceness to manipulate my feelings into letting him kiss me and it was horrible. i hate being in that situation.I wished tavis was there..but at least he didnt kiss me =) Then i told tavis the situation in my dream and he goes, "did he kiss you?" i said, no, he tried to, but i wouldnt let him. And tavis flipped out and assumed i was lying =( so that dream sucked.

I dont know how i remembered all of these...
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Shabu Dog

hair hair everywhere

Tiff and i went to get our hair trimmed at supercuts today. The lady was nice, but shes like "does your hair normally fall out this easily?" and i said no, but ive dyed it way too many times in the past few months cuz once the guy kept doing it wrong and i had to go back." that sucked. I shed sometimes. big deal. Its not like it happens all the time and i got REALLY thick hair, i cant even put it in a ponytail sometimes. *sigh*

Tiff and i got applications to starbucks. I had planned on working at blockbuster but hey, anyplace that will give me money is fine. I gotta go to blockbuster still...
one of the questions on the starbucks application was :

What do you like most about coffee?

im gonna say.. Cuz its perky, just like ME!!! =P hee hee

iiii dunno. what are you supposed to say to that anyways?

I just gave Tiffalynx a live journal code so hopefully shell get hers going soon and she can rant about the stuff i fail to mention, lol! Shes nice, so...if ya see her, give her a warm welcome wont ya?

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Shabu Dog

woo hoo! food!

I went to Rubios where my friend Heather works and she gave me a
50% discount on food. WOO HOO! yummy yummy! i just got a fish taco and a drink and she gave me this weird desert called a.....a zango? i think thats what its called. its like fried ice cream only its like fried cheesecake. mmmmm =)
i havent seen her all summer and we had a great chat! She even hired me to draw her tattoo right away, so that will be 20 bucks to add to the miniscule pile ;)
reminder folks...IM TAKING COMMISSIONS!

anyhoo..so she told me a bunch of lesbians have found they have crushes on her. *sigh* shes very hetero and wants a guy to like her. Ah well, gotta start somewhere i guess?

Im in a good mood =)
i have to start my homework though....SUCKS!
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