July 27th, 2002

Shabu Dog

awww love you baby!

I felt bad that i hadnt been giving him the attention he needed while i was in class so i decided to make tavis a little piccie. im giving him the original =)

Playing around with prismacolor pencils *grin*

Today was my last day of class and i must say, i was sad to leave. Sad to leave figure drawing class that is. Im gonna miss Mr. Stubbs hes one of my fave teachers ive ever had. ill have to come visit him. He really likes my art and said he would check it out *i gave him my card*. Hes so funny though, my dad came to the open house/gallery and met Mr. Stubbs and hes so far back into renaissance art technology that dad explained some stuff to him and he was amazed, lol!
one example being an enlarger machine or lucigraph or "lucy". I used it a lot in art class =P

Hes a great guy though.

My dad said he was very proud of me, especially cuz a great deal of my art was in the art gallery. There was supposed to be 2 items per student per class but i had, 2 in fundamentals of drawing and 4 or 5 works from figure drawing posted up. and thebest part is, my work and tiffalynx's works were both posted on the front wall as you enter the gallery! our self portraits *ew* and everything! lol! it was like *our wall*

oh yeah, we both got B's in fundamentals of drawing and A's in figure drawing *is excited* WE GOT FOUR COLLEGE CREDITS W/ GOOD GRADES! WOO HOO!

Our friend Marcel came to visit us. he had his heart set on going to AISC (L-CAD) but cant afford it so he joined the marines *sigh* hes fun but...hella weird sometimes =P

Later Tiff and i went to the beach and hung out with a bunch of fat kids with their butts hanging out of their shorts. Say no to crack.

The waves were too strong though. I normally would NEVER say that but the fact that the beach was going downhill and the sand was too gritty/round to grab ahold of and stay up, i kept getting knocked over and even when i dove under the waves i couldnt dig in the sand enough to get back up. *sigh* it was nice to tan though. Tiff and i buried our feet and tried to dig out with our toes =) cheap thrills.

I have 2 weeks to make up for my lost *fun time* this summer before i go to new york and make up for lost *tavis time*.
That also means i still need to get as many projects accumulated as i can handle over this next 2 weeks. Hopefully silver's announcement will help, either that or Vesta gets back to me on a commission she had planned out *sigh*. i hate being kept waiting *taps paws*

anyhoo..im gonna go talk to my luv wuff (tav) and my partner in crime, literally, (tiff)

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Shabu Dog

Happy Month-iversary!

Today is my 5 month anniversary with Tavis *kiss* i love him. =)
i just feel bad, he called me this morning and was like "happy anniversary" and i was all delerious and i felt sick and stuff. Apparently it was 1:00 PM when he called me. i havent slept that late in weeks! It felt nice =)
i assured him that that pic i made him was cuz i loved him and that it also counts as an anniversary present =) if i did it in the name of love it DOES count doesnt it?

Then i had to do lots of chores today *sigh* and im still doing them. I think im gonna go draw some. Kinda depressed in the sense that i owe my mom money and i dont have it. that sux.

ah well, im gonna go draw and cheer myself up thinking of Tavy Wavy...=)
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Shabu Dog

Quizzy thingy

Got this from Sabby's LJ. Can you tell im bored?

1) NAME: Nicole Dornsife
2) Nick names: Nikki, Niko, Thorn, Thorny, Rose, Woofy =)
3) AOL names: NicoleSD, LDornsife, SkaSketch
4) Sex: she-wolf
5) Birthday: 5/14/85
6) Grade: 12, senior! =P i feel so old...
7) Home: Cali
8) Height: 4'11" im at armpit level with everyone
9) Hair color: Currently its copper penny red. Usually its brighter but i have senior pictures. My natural haircolor is brass/copper/dirty blonde with massive natural highlights =P
10) Hair length: Well, when its straight its down the middle of my back but its naturally wavy so when i got it cut the other day it sprung back up =P
11) Eye color: light sea foam green/ denim blue with dark blue ring around them
~*~ Friends~*~

12) Favorite guy/girl: Favorite guy, Tavis of course, and my best friend Travis, and my favorite girl is Tiffalynx
13) Who is your bestfriend: see above answer
14) Friends you wish you saw more: Tavis =( and Aly. i see my other friends TOO much ;)

15) Do you get along with your parent(s) Guardian (s): Yeah actually
16) Parents name: Faith *formerly known as Jan/Jasmine*and Rod
17) Are they married/divorced/never married: divorced and moms remarried
18) Siblings: a half brother around here somewhere..never met him
19) Pets: Jesse the bichon frise/cocker spaniel mix

20) Do you have a b/f or g/f: My mate, Tavis. i wuff him! *huggles*
21) Guys- if a girl asked for your shirt off your back, would yougive it to
her: *looks down* nope, im a girl
22) Girls- would you ever ask a guy for his shirt: If it was a cool shirt and i wanted to wear it yeah. I ask for Tav's shirt all the time but thats cuz i wanna sleep with it =)
23) Have you ever been in love: yeah
24) Are you scared to ask someone out: actually no im pretty straight forward *right tiff?* lol!
25) Do you believe in love at first sight: nah, if its based on just SIGHT then it cant be love can it?
26) Define love: Finding that one person you never knew you couldnt live without
27) What do you look for in a guy/girl: understanding and supportive and a GREAT snuggler! im affectionate =)and must be weird occasionally cuz lord knows im bizarre
28) Are you in love right now: yeppers =)
29) Does the person your in love with know it: he better! *kick* lol
30) Have you ever been in a relationship that really worked: current one so far
31) Would you ever cheat on a bf/gf: never have never will

32) Show: simpsons
33) Board game: simpsons monopoly
34) Things to do on the wkend: beach, but like i ever get to go *sigh* i live right by it and i never have time damn it
35) Band: five iron frenzy, bad religion, alice in chains, DURAN DURAN! the police..i like lots of things
36) Foods: SUSHI! i LOVE food and i eat all the time. gimme gimme gimme! *eats everything in everyones fridge*
37) Poet: Shel Silverstein count? so childish i know
38) Movie: Balto, CLERKS! *any kevin smith movie*, Nightmare before Christmas, Beetlejuice, Sleepless in Seattle *haha Tavis, chick flick!*39)
Number(s): 4 ask me the story and i shall tell you =P
40) Sport to watch: Sumo wrestling and soccer
41) Sport to play: soccer, and im sure if i was big enough id like sumo wrestling
42) Color (s): I like primary colors =) they make up every other color *grin*
If red tries to swallow blue, she will turn purple
and if blue eats up all the yellow, he will turn green
apple red and lemon yellow, turn into orange jello
mixing colors makes me hungry, for jelly beans!

43) Subject: Art? is that a good answer?
44) Radio stations: Rock 105.3, 80's 94.9 and Independent radio 92.1
45) Cartoon: Simpsons =P
46) Scary movie: Nightmare on Elm street..i forget which ones, some of em suck but some of em are awesome, and Army of Darkness..thats just funny!
47) Comedy: Kevin Smith movies...all of them...and Tavis looks like a thin kevin smith and acts like dante hicks from clerks, *drool*
48) Fast food place: Rubios/Jack in the Box/ Aibertos
49) Month: October.
50) Holiday: Halloween!!! which reminds me, what am i gonna be this year??
51) Place to be: theres so many places i love to be i cant list em all
52) Songs(s) too many to list, whats with the vague questions?53) Athelete(s) i hate sports
54) Type of music: Ska, punk, alternative
55) Room in your house: livingroom. its next to the kitchen =) and theres a TV, and my laptops here!
56) Female singer: Gwen Stefani *no doubt*
57) Male singer: Reese Roper *Five Iron Frenzy*
58) Book(s): I dont like to read =P but i LOVED "the little prince" and "farenheit 451"
59) Author: Antoine de st. Exupery
60) tv show: didnt you ask this question already?


61) Worst feeling in the world: that no one believes you/understands you
62) Best feeling in the world: being with all the people who love you
63) What do you think about: art,tavis, being wolfy and a combination of the three
64) First thing you think about in the morning: What the hell was the point of that dream anyway?
65) Hardest thing about growing up: being in between childhood and adulthood
66) What emotion is most dominate in your life: stress and love
67) What do you do to make yourself feel better when you're sad: draw and talk to buddies/my mate. And get coffee =)
68) What is the best thing that has happened to you: i've found love

69) Have any job what would it be: story board artist and get to work with the big time directors
70) Dye hair any color what would it be: blue or red again
71) Have a tattoo, what an where: i dont like tattoos but it would prolly be on my ankle bone if anything
72) Choice of any state, island, country to visit, where: germany or australia
73) Change anything about yourself what would it be: uhm. like. everything needs to go. or change.
74) Choose one thing you couldn't live with out, what would it be: air
75) Character in a book who would you be: i dont read enough to know what im looking at here


76) Dream car: Older mustang...i like how they sound like boats
77) Do you have a car right now: yep, 2000 white jetta black leather interior. his names calvin =)
78) What do your parents drive: Silver toyota highlander and a white 7 series BMW, its huge!

79) How many kids do you want to have: 2
80) Do you know what you want to name them if so what:i have no idea honestly. Tav thinks any names i pick will get the kids beaten up, lol!
81) Who do you want to marry: Tavy!
82) Where do you want to live: Laguna
83) House or an apartment: house preferably
84) Hopes for next school year: Good grades and good direction
~*~Do you~*~

85) Believe in luck: nope
86) Fate: nope
87) Soul mates: yep
88) Read books: yes i believe you should but i dont
89) Believe in God: yep
~*~Are you~*~

90) Wuss: depends.
91) Class clown: more like class disrupter/disguster. i always tell sick stories that leave the teachers in amazement/horror
92) Goody 2 shoes: yeah, lol!
93) Day dreamer: totally
94) Happy person: generally
95) Sad person: not really
96) Good person: yep =)
97) Mean: when you make me mad yes i can be, but only when provoked
98) Leader: oooo yeah, im alpha wolf =)
99) Follower: nope
100) Smart: yep


101) What is on you mouse pad: mousepad? im on a laptop
102) Sleep with a stuffed animal: yes, a big jaguar named Jiggy whos as big as me =)
103) Type with fingers on the right keys: yep
104) Whats under your bed? another bed
105) Shoe size: 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 depending on the shoe
106) Do you like school: HELL NO!
107) Do you like to talk on the telephone: yep
108) Do you have your own line: yep
109) Can we have your number: if you wanna call me just ask me im not putting my number out for all the psychos to see
110) Do you like to dance: NO WAY!
111) Have you ever gone skinny dipping: yes, *grin*
112) Have you ever thought you were gonna die: yep, while at the beach. i have a near death experience every year, but one was really bad i actually blacked out, but good old mr. wave got me loose from the seaweed i was stuck on and brought me to shore. i was 6
113) Have you ever had a broken or fractured bone: foot. i was pretending to be a horse, =P galloped over the wrong steps and CRASH! i was 2 though...
114) Have any piercings: none
115) Do you wear braces: clear ones
116) Do you consider yourself a good listener: yeah i am actually. unless you really bore me then i tune you out
117) Can you swim: im a dog-fish =)
118) Do you sing in the shower: all the time.
119) Do you think cheerleading is a sport: its not a sport unless you can get injured *punches nearest cheerleader*
120) What color is your tooth brush: i have lots of em, the one i used today was white and green
121) What are you wearing right now: a Laguna College of Art and Design shirt and black underwear
122) Is your house big/med/small: medium appartment
123) What do you collect: wolves/pandas/spirit stuff. Tav got me 2 trailers =)
124) What cd is in your cd player: Five Iron Frenzy, Quantity is Job 1
125) Songs you get stuck in your head: weird ones like Yankee Doodle and Happy Birthday strangely enough.
126) Movie you want to see: "signs" and "powerpuff girls" for movie theatre movies. for rentals, too many to list
127) What church do you go to: none anymore i really should though
128) Do you go every Sunday: no. i dont like getting yelled at about how much of a sinner i am when im not really that bad

~*~Either / or~*~

129) Thunderstorms- cool/scary: cool when i have someone to snuggle. i hate when they start fires though
130) Glass- half empty or half full: depend son whether you are drinking or pouring
131) R or L or Ambid: ambi/right
132) Truth or dare: truuth
133) Night or day: Night
134) Mtv, vh1, bet, cmt, gac: i hate them all
135) Ocean or pool: Ocean
136) Cake or pie: red velvet cake =)
137) Love or lust: a healthy mix
138) Pancakes or French toast: ew =P
139) Bitter or sweet: sweet
140) Silver or gold: silver
141) Diamonds or pearls: both =)
142) Hugs or kisses: both =)
143) Complex or simple: both!
144) Batman or superman: batman
145) Sunset or sunrise: Sunset!
146) Showers or baths: Shower
147) Beach, lake, mountains or desert: all
148) Candy or flowers: you should get me both
149) Roses or tulips: Nicaraguan Black Beauty Roses


150) Random Quote: Curiosity salted the snail! Beware your wandering eye, you little mollusk...
151) Song quote: Save a plant eat a cow i want meat i want it now! i will eat it cuz its red i will eat it cuz its dead! ~Reel Big Fish

152) Funny quote: Its a humbling experience when you have to wipe your own ass with toilet paper you had to buy yourself. Enjoy the free ride while you can. ~Rod Dornsife *my dad*