August 1st, 2002

Shabu Dog

I should really eat something..

This is what happens when im hungry and tired....

ZER! she drew a really cute pic of me so i drew this for her, and cuz shes awesome

and also i think ive come up with a watermark, if not just a temporary one. i think THIS image will definitely scare off art thieves whaddaya think? ;)

i should really eat something. laziness/depression/business has prevented me from doing so. in the past four days here is a log of what i have eaten:

A bagel sandwich
2 cholupas
part of a half of a filet mignon steak
several glasses of milk

the end. yep thats it. i just see no motivation. when i get depressed/busy i tend to not eat and...well...yeah im hungry, but ive lost the will. no im not anorexic just busy. *sigh* and i dont feel like going outside...its nice out..but i dont like seeing people. ill go through a drive through...
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Shabu Dog

my honey *tries* to take care of me but i just wont listen....

On the subject of nourishment:

NicoleSD: im really hot
NicoleSD: and i havent eaten much
NicoleSD: i should eat
NicoleSD: i think im going to die of heat exhaustion
BeeperBomb: you should drink something.
NicoleSD: drink what
BeeperBomb: anything.
BeeperBomb: water.
NicoleSD: *sigh*
BeeperBomb: what?
BeeperBomb: I know you dont like it.
BeeperBomb: but its good for you.
NicoleSD: its yucky and tasteless
NicoleSD: water is yucky
BeeperBomb: I know you think it is.
NicoleSD: *gag* and theres unknown things in it
NicoleSD: there could be sperm in it
BeeperBomb: not in my water.
NicoleSD: well.....
NicoleSD: um....
NicoleSD: california water is gross
BeeperBomb: -sticks his tongue out-
NicoleSD: *bites it*
BeeperBomb: yum. =)
NicoleSD: lol
BeeperBomb: LoL

On the subject of laziness:

BeeperBomb: umm... whats ya do today?
NicoleSD: drew a little
BeeperBomb: thats it?
NicoleSD: *sigh* yes
NicoleSD: *looks down in shame*
NicoleSD: "Link toThornwolf's journal" this is all i did today
BeeperBomb: -lick-
NicoleSD: *lick*
NicoleSD: *nuzz*
NicoleSD: i wuff you
BeeperBomb: aww.
BeeperBomb: -snuggle-
NicoleSD: yay *holds* I NEED LOVE!!
BeeperBomb: so do i. :p
NicoleSD: *love*

thank you for that dear *nuzz*

I also got to talk to Becky Sparks today. Shes very nice! =) she too had to suffer a Reno Maxwell art trade though *tsk tsk tsk* tis a shame...

to give you an example, this is my trade i did with her awhile back:

and this is her trade. Yes, she drew me one of HER characters the first time around:
I dont get it, is it some sort of retarded eat monster fetus? Whatever it is, its not me.

Then, after i explained to her the concept of an art trade, she somehow came up with this:

i dont wear clothes. why am i sleeping in the middle of the forest? did i use a straightener on my hair? where is my tail coming from anyway?
*sigh* its not that im bashing her artwork necessarily its just she could have spent a little more time on it rather than taking shortcuts and hiding me behind a tree and under clothes. *grr* i hate it when you give people your all and they give you 20%

ah well..heres tavis again to cheer me up =) BEWARE THE MUSHY SWEETNESS!

BeeperBomb: -yoink- -grabs you again-
NicoleSD: hey! no yoinking allowed
BeeperBomb: hehe
BeeperBomb: -hugs you really tight- I love you so much.
NicoleSD: *hugs you even tighter* i love you more
BeeperBomb: -kisses you on the lips- no, I love you more.
NicoleSD: thats an impossibility
NicoleSD: *kiss* cuz i love you more
BeeperBomb: no no no. -kisskisskiss- I love you more.
NicoleSD: no no no no...*kisskiss kiss times a million* i love you most!
BeeperBomb: -snuggles-

i wuff him =)
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Shabu Dog

I love you kimbo!

Lookie what she drew for me =) *cheers up*

hope that link works.

wowzers, im just getting all kinds of piccies from people *feels loved*


By the way, i would like to say a few thank yous to people who have helped me during the past few weeks of upset/depression/god knows what.

Silver-Thanks for being such a great friend and helping me out with my commissions, i think that guy from italy saw your little ad on your site for my commissions. =)

Kimbo-thank you for the lovely drawing it really made my day. I also appreciate your funny comments and kind words

Winter- Youve helped me out so much with your sense of humor and being such an awesome buddy. Thanks so much for that beautiful pic once again.

Engel (Tavis) - well what can i say to the man i love other than....thank you for always being there for me no matter what. i love you *kiss* Looking forward to seeing you in NY on the 8th, love. Thanks to these kind people i am able to do so

Tiffalynx- Well, seeing as how youre one of my best friends i think you know how i feel about ya. I love ya Tiff *huggles* Thanks for scaring off the cops for me with your evil glares =) Thanks for hanging out with me too cuz im *such a loser i only have you to hang out with on the weekends* jk!

CW- you were my first friend on TIB and your witty comments and gift of conversation have been a blessing

Frisket (Melissa)- Im glad we have gotten chances to talk and make each other laugh, i really enjoy it =)

Wynd -well..i love ya. thats all there is to it! you are wicked awesome and a great pack buddy =)

Rogue- i enjoy your comments to my posts and your opinions on tough issues. They are taken to heart and have guided me.

Arbey- thanks for always talking to me and reassuring me. *hugs* i enjoy talking with you as it makes me feel comforted and loved

Desert Coyote- your good attitude always cheers me up and i appreciate your openness to talk with this little *rabid fan* lol

Pardo-Im glad we have become friends. Your comments and support give my ego that little extra boost it needs. Thank you also for commissioning me to draw your picture. Its an honor

Ravid-your humor always makes me laugh. Thanks for speaking your mind even if it leads to you getting beat up in the end ;)

Radar- even if its through CW i enjoy talking to you. Youre like the forum "mom" and i always enjoy hearing your opinion on things, ESPECIALLY the baltowolfy issue, lol!

Vesta- Thanks chatting as well as commissioning me and i only hope you know that if you need me im here for ya =)

Fluke- changing my title from Cave Canem to "omega wolf all mess" then back again was just the "run for my money" i needed to liven up a normally dull day ;)

Jerry- im glad that through you commissioning me we have become friends. I hope that the finished work pleases you ;)

This is mainly a list of people i have talked to recently who have helped me a bunch just by either talking to me or even just commenting on my posts. if you are not listed, please dont feel bad, because i most likely just dont know you.
Notes to Sabarika, Pinkpuppybelly and Zer. you guys rock =)

As for commissions, all those of you who have commissioned me to do drawings during this whole NY fund whether it be for my plane ticket or survival money, thank you. Thank you from the pit of my stomach which is deeper than the bottom of my heart. If i have not already completed it, i assure you i will pour my heart and soul into each and every piece i do for you, my friends.

Love you guys and thanks again for everything
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Shabu Dog

Eating is good...

after 4 days of eating almost nothing i managed to force feed myself some sushi, something i knew id be happy to be eating. it was mediocre...too big for sushi i tell you what =P
while at the grocery store i was pushing my cart out to my car and some guys in a blue SUV pull up behind me as im walking. a piece of paper *perhaps some sort of catelog* flew out of my cart and into traffic, i didnt feel like risking my life for some paper so i let it go and pretended not to notice it.
The driver in the SUV was like "excuse me you dropped something!"
i say "its nothing" and mouth to the car thats sitting in front of me waiting for me to pick it up "its nothing"

and the SUV guy goes "hey dont be a litterbug!"
i said "im not..."
and he goes "come on now dont be angry"
i said "im really not i swear." and i pick up the paper and walk away.
so i thought...*thats weird*
then he pulls around and watches me get in my car. i found out that he was the only one in the SUV, and it was not multiple teenagers as i had thought.
either this guy is crazy, a raging environmentalist or thought i was cute.....or some combination of the 3. i get nervous when strangers shout at me from their cars but as Tiffalynx always says, "Everything makes you nervous =P "

not really..i just have limited vocabulary when it comes to *being slightly scared*
Shabu Dog

this day isnt so bad...

first, some quizzes

What Obscure Animal are you?

yay. im a skunk. not just any skunk but a WEIRD skunk. =/ *spray* there, now you smell bad.

What Was Your PastLife?

am i really all that funny?

What Spooky Being are You?

ugh, it HAD to be an anthro BUG didnt it? Moth..*sigh* thats what Greggy calls people who are "attracted to shiny objects." ie: nearly the entire teenage female population of RB

on to the good stuff:

I jus recieved an e-mail from a fan! =)

Hola! I've decided that a lot of artists on VCL are really exceptionally talented and don't get all the attention they deserve. In an effort to correct this I'm going around and telling my favorite artists how much I love their work. So, I just wanted to say that I love your art. Your were style is really great, and I always look forward to seeing new material from you.

now isnt that sweet? It means a lot to me that he took the time to mail me, and i told him i was honored that i am one of his favorites =) i of course replied immediately *and gave him a 'hug' for being pleasant*, and went to my mailbox to find yet another e-mail from him. ooh...hes quick...
Thanks for the hug. You're sweet, and I'm glad you'll be keeping them up. You have a great style. It never hurts to try other things as well, but I'd sorely miss them if you stopped drawing them.

Well wishes,


PS I'm an insane mail replier...if you respond I'll probably e-mail back cause I feel bad about not replying to messages. Just thought I'd let you know.
hoo boy, im a 'happy responder' too. this loop will NEVER end lol!
aww he said im sweet! thats nice =) replied again and got another letter
Now you're caught in my cycle of enless replies! Mwahahaha. And you are sweet. You're right, most people dont' take the time to reply. You're a cut above a lot of the others. I was very surprised to get anything back, and especially to get something so soon after I sent out the original. It's really great to know that you take that time.

I reply to all my fans too! I, two. Sometimes the press of fan mail can be just soooo hard! Anyway...I shall leave you in peace, and since I'm getting off line in a few minutes if you reply to this I probably won't even get back to you until later tonight! Oh the sadness of silence!

wow, either he has mailed a lot of non-responsive bitches or im just one of the nicest cuz jeeze, im a "cut above a lot of the others?"
i feel happy =)

i just LOVE getting fan mail. it surprises me that i would have fans but...still..its really uplifting =)
Shabu Dog

Attention Everyone!

things got a bit confusing =) Kimbo, aka felio on LJ drew me a beautiful pic, but also *i had no idea she had done it* Kim Kirkdorfer *Bloodhound on VCL and pinkpuppybelly on LJ* ALSO drew me a picture and i didnt know it!
you gotta check this out..its so cute!

Isnt that so adorable???!! wow...thank you so much! *is touched* you are so awesome Kim! *hugs* that is so sweet!!!

i feel much better now =)
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