August 15th, 2002

Shabu Dog


NicoleSD: yes
NicoleSD: whos this
NicoleSD: oh, hi
NicoleSD: sorry
SHROYERTOW: I dunno what I did to all the people at the forums, but Winter said that he'd ban me If I didn't straighten up. But, I'm trying to let off a little, but I just think he doesn't like me period.
NicoleSD: look at it this way, when i get miffed, people wonder, and then they come to my defense
NicoleSD: dont ask me to help. cuz honestly, im on vacation and i havent been to the boards recently. i dont like drama
SHROYERTOW: Well, that explains it all. Then, people just need to lighten up, huh? (in my opinion.)
NicoleSD: well you came to the boards on a bad note
NicoleSD: i had already come to the boards and complained that you were asking too much of me, then you joined. so people already had it in that frame of mind *ooo, iditarods bugging thorn...*
SHROYERTOW: Yup, I think you're right. Do you think I should try harder? I'm not what people think. Can't they just give me a chance?
NicoleSD: i say you wipe the slate clean. post a thread in either the whatever forum or real life happenings stating how you feel. but be sure to tell them i said to do so, otherwise i dont think theyll believe you quite honestly
NicoleSD: oh and make sure you read the FAQ's and be on your BEST BEHAVIOR for awhile
NicoleSD: you know...keep cool so as not to bug anyone
NicoleSD: thats the only way to win peoples trsut
NicoleSD: *trust
SHROYERTOW: Sometimes I just don't know how to act around some people. I'll start that thread, too.
NicoleSD: okay
NicoleSD: ill post this in my live journal
SHROYERTOW: Thanks for the help : )
NicoleSD: np
NicoleSD: just be careful in the future i know youre only 11 but still...courtesy counts
SHROYERTOW: Yeah, you're right again

Moral of the story, i've made my peace. give them a chance but if they keep breaking the rules its out of my paws
Shabu Dog

Look Grandma, Blaze found it!

Tavis and i made a pilgrimage to the Balto statue in Central Park yesterday. Its more beautiful than i could ever imagine!!! dont worry i took just about a whole roll of pictures ;)
but the thing is, in the movie, there are those orange stick thingies, theyre not there, the only reason they were there int he movie was cuz they were working on the grass =P they could have removed them for the movie it would have looked lots better i can tell you that much. also, when they keep saying *oh i dont know where it is,* its right along the road, if you follow the road *which is right behind them* youll find balto. also the dumbest part about all that was that when "grandma Rosy" sat down on the park bench after "looking" for the statue she said she could not find..well..that park bench is 10 feet from the statue. if you look forward and slightly to the right its RIGHT THERE! how dumb is that eh?

Grandma Rosy's eyesight aint what it used to be ;)

So we went there, then we went to the famous FAO Schwartz toy store, and i got a cute little stuffed fox.

Then we went to eat at a restaurant thats in the empire state building basement =) *drool* very expensive but very good.
Then we went to the top of the empire state building and ill tell you something it is SOOO not like what it was in Sleepless in Seattle

im having such a great time here! tomorrow were going to finally meet my friends Dani "Wynd" and Clint "Rein" at the museum of natural history. WOO HOO! im so excited!

Oh and Tiff i got you some pics of buildings dont worry ;)
Shabu Dog

Moms and New York dont mix...

When we first arrived here, i was going to stay with the Delahunts *Tav's family* and mom was going to stay in our friends appartment in Manhattan. after that she would leave for boston to see her husband *yes, theyre married and theyre 3,000 miles apart..dumb*
I have to say those 3 days she was here were the most stressful days of my life.

For starters, Tav, mom and i went on the subway to get to the appartment in Manhattan. mom puts her purse down on the ground next to her, OPEN for the world to see. Tavs like "she really shouldnt do that!" and im like..i know..and i stared at her hoping shed look it my direction so i could say something.

Just then, 2 guys who were on crack, literally, yellow eyes and everything, got on the train. one guy was high as a kite, sweating and stuff and the other guy was sitting down menacingly. So of course, mom decides to talk with them in one of those "hi heres my life story" types of conversations.
"oh yeah im from san diego this is my second time here, so are you a native? yes thats my daughter over there and her boyfriend he lives in staten island, wow things are so different here compared to california!"

she might as well have said "oh my daughter over there has 220 bucks in her back pocket and im sure you can beat up her boyfriend and steal his wallet so you can get his address and rob his house later. oh and here, take my unguarded purse, you look like you could use another fix of whatever youre on." *rolls eyes*
i just stared at the ground.

Mom also wanted to go to the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir as her last outing *yes, she went to everything ALONE.* she decided to drag tavs mom along with her, although she really didnt want to go she just felt bad that my mom was alone in manhattan. first of all, its an all black church. theyd be the only 2 white people there. second of all, its in a bad neighborhood...with moms habits one can only imagine what could happen. tavs mom knew this and tried to get her not to go but to no avail. They went and enjoyed themselves, although things were a little awkward, but after mom went with mrs. Delahunt on the subway home, mom hopped back on the train BACK TO BROOKLYN ALONE for the second service *slaps forehead* what the hell is she thinking??!

After that she proceeded to call tavs mom 8 joke..8...stating a new rule each time we called. we cant be alone in the house, we cant drive alone, we have to be home by 10:30, i must call every hour and say where i am and where ill be back, tav and i cant stay up late together....

whats odd about that is that none of those rules apply when im at home. in fact i was shocked at how she came up with those! Freaked tavs mom out enough that she almost sent me back to manhattan so she didnt have to deal with the responsibility. luckily we convinced mom that whatever Tavs mom says, goes. So currently im under the delahunt family rules and...the only rule is..there are no rules *evil grin*
mom thinks i checked in a billion times today..MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!
serves her right for trying to harness me in a place where theres just too much fun to be had ;)

thank god shes safe in Boston now. she drives me hella nuts.
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