September 2nd, 2002

Shabu Dog

*keels over*

Arbey (Raeann) heres the scan of your commission. im going to mail it wednesday instead of tuesday along with the other one so you can tell me if you need me to make any changes. please give me feedback so i can get on it if there are any alterations that need to be made and so i can make prints for my personal portfolio:

Pardo, working on yours now. i will also put it on my cafepress account so you can get your t-shirt.

just got back from Havasu. LOOOOONG drive! there were 2 fires on the way home.

we forgot to bring water in the car and it got very very hot and the traffic was horrible. I gave my dog some mountain dew to keep her tongue wet. horrible i know. whats worse is that i had no cups so i had this scented candle and i used the container to hold the soda for her to drink. dads like "boy...of all things that has to be a SCENTED candle. i bet the smell is just screaming at her VANILLA!!!!!!!" lol
poor pup. luckily we got her some water at the next rest stop.

we have no air conditioning in our house. it broke =P im miserable..but luckily i just took a shower and my hair is wet. im gonna go make some necklaces now and prepare one for shipping.
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