September 6th, 2002

Shabu Dog


I was watching the new *and...improved? nah* Speedracer on cartoon network and some girl went "HOLY SUSHI! is that the Mach 5?* =P
for some reason Speed looks like my friend Greg Lang in this new version of the 'toon. only hes cuter than Lang...and thats not saying a lot

too funny

it rained today. it was hot rain too so that was weird.

Tiffalynx was standing next to me in the large quad today checking the messages on her cell phone. the clothing nazi of a campus supervisor came over and took her name down for a dress code violation and took away her cell phone o_O
half an inch of her stomach was showing, yet the freshmen are free to have their asses hanging out of their shorts. i dont get it.
Everyone else was angry that Tiff got picked on...
Liz said "well you could have just said 'well im a devout buddhist and my religion believes in leaving my tummy exposed so all may rub it for good luck' " =D shes weird.

got to meet Tiff's love interest Tony today. awww hes cuuuuute!
i approve =)

i met Travis' love interest last night at the coffee shop. shes nice, skinny as can be but nice and sweet. she was in my english class though last year so i know her pretty okay. her names Melissa. the thing that threw me off a few minutes into our conversation shes like "i wanna go out and get drunk" this coming from a girl whos about as big as me but as frail as a twig. i think a beer would kill her. aside from that i know travis wouldnt go for that kinda stuff and shes really normally not like that at all!! =/
im just like *erm...excuse me for a minute??? TRAVIS!!*

also, my moms outta town so Tiff and Trav are gonna play *room mates* with me this weekend. I invited melissa to come over and watch clerks with us and she goes "okay, but do you mind if im a bit drunk when i come over?" i just stared at her and she backed down from her statement...*rolls her eyes*
yeah...hi miss nicoles mom, can you smell the alcohol? here have a whiff..yeah me and travis are gonna be hanging out here a lot, i hope your daughter doesnt mind that im gonna be drinking like a fish. oh and leave the back bedroom free in case i get a little antsy and need some 'travis time'
mom thinks im running a whore house.

or as tav's friends would say "drinking like a chimney and smoking like a fish" =D LOL!

WHAT THE FUCK??!! okay...someones gonna die. Frisket just informed me that someone has stolen my pictures and put it on their site for *public use*
theyre so goin down. just LOOK at this!!!

if anyone wants to help me with this, by all means, go ahead
Frisket17 has already signed their guestbook, along with me and Winter Winstar. I have also notified the yahoo copyright people. if anyone can help me out it would be great cuz this person has NO e-mail address on their site at all...

its not working now for some reason. i hope geocities is doing something about this already.
browse around..youll see im not joking. they stole thornstand.jpg, a growling wolf pic from my art portfolio, a crappy growling/drooling wolf pen sketch and graywolf puppy. they even cropped out the copyright notices!!
well i WAS happy now im not!
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Shabu Dog

found it

Thanks to Frisket17 and some of her friends, the e-mail address of this art theif has been found.

feel free to flame at will =D
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Shabu Dog

Jay and Silent...Tavis?

As you may know, i am a rabid Clerks/Kevin Smith fan.
However, this is not the sole reason for this post.

Ive been saying it forever: Tavis reminds me of a thin Silent Bob with a Dante Hicks personality. o_O

heres proof:
Tavis has the long hair of silent bob as well as the same goatee style. The hair is just cuz he likes long hair, and the facial hair, well it happens to grow in best that way, and nicely styled i might add.
well..just look for yourself

SEE??!! i had to tell CW that the first one is tav, the second one is silent bob and it goes in that pattern....


well, the most famous quote from clerks that Dante Hicks says repetitively is : "I'm not even supposed to BE here today!"
even in Jay and Silent Bob Strike back he says this..but instead of saying it directly its implied when a customer asks him
"Hey, are you even supposed to be here today?"
Dante: "Don't even get me started.."

Funny enough, Tav is often at work, even when hes not even scheduled that day! he comes in whenever theres work to be done or he just ends up hanging out, no matter what his schedule.
in Dante's case, he risked missing a hockeygame he was supposed to be playing in. In Tavis' case, well, he has a social life *and a 'ahem' love life 'cough cough' * and its often interrupted by emergencies at work.
Tavis's quote : "Im not even supposed to BE here today! But i guess ill hang out anyway..."

oh yeah, and the pilgrimages to Red Bank and the Quick Stop where the whole movie was based..well..lets just say he 'belonged' there as much as he hates jersey. people kept asking him "are you from around here?"

so..ill be posting collages of Red Bank and the Quick Stop later on...
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