September 8th, 2002

Shabu Dog


Oh yeah, you know you love me....*takes a bow*

okay, talked to the little girl *yes...little girl* who took the artwork and this is what happened..

NicoleSD: hello =)
NicoleSD: hello? you there?
estufa2000: whos this
NicoleSD: someone who saw your site
estufa2000: oh
estufa2000: yeah
estufa2000: cann i help
NicoleSD: yes you can help me.
NicoleSD: by removing my artwork
NicoleSD: this is Thornwolf
estufa2000: oh
estufa2000: ok
NicoleSD: are you going to remove my artwork? as well as sabarikas and wolfmoons?
estufa2000: yeah
estufa2000: give me a minute
NicoleSD: why didnt you just ask me in the first place?
NicoleSD: sure
estufa2000: hold on
estufa2000: oh and im sorry ok
NicoleSD: okay. all is forgiven as long as you remove ALL of the stolen artwork. mine and everyone elses
estufa2000: im going to
NicoleSD: i just want to let you know in the future, it really doesnt hurt to ask =)
estufa2000: i know but how was i supposed to contactr you?
NicoleSD: if you look at the site you got the art from, youll see i have an e-mail address
NicoleSD: plain as day on the main page
estufa2000: ok
estufa2000: there
estufa2000: all artwork has been removed
NicoleSD: thank you very much, i greatly appreciate it
estufa2000: what ever i hope your happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
NicoleSD: i am very happy indeed. because now i know my artwork is no longer stolen
estufa2000: i was going to delete it eventually i was waiting to see what people thought then i would tell them they could go to the vcl!
estufa2000: but fine
NicoleSD: waiting to see what people thought?
NicoleSD: what do you mean?
estufa2000: yeah, the people i talk to look at that site and i tell them where to go to see more artwork
estufa2000: i always change what i have on those pages
NicoleSD: well you need to ask the artists before displaying their work
estufa2000: alright whatever'
NicoleSD: and changing my name to Jackalin just added insult to injury
NicoleSD: dont say whatever do me its offensive
NicoleSD: makes me think youre not listening to my warning
estufa2000: i am for your information ok
estufa2000: im just trying to listen to 3 things at the same time and its frustrating
NicoleSD: hey. no need to get huffy. i think ivebeen more than friendly to you during this conversation
NicoleSD: well im sorry to be part of that frustration but dont you think im a bit frustrated?
estufa2000: i know sorry im just frustrated
NicoleSD: okay.
estufa2000: yeah
NicoleSD: can i ask a question? whats an estufa?
estufa2000: lol
estufa2000: it means stove in spanish and since my name is stephanie then in spanish they call me estufa or estufy
NicoleSD: oooooh i get it *snicker*
estufa2000: lol
estufa2000: whats the sd stand for?
estufa2000: aww, i have to go
NicoleSD: San Diego
estufa2000: oh
NicoleSD: okay well thank you for your cooperation
estufa2000: ok, cya
NicoleSD: ciao

so yeah, in short, all artwork, and i mean ALL artwork, has been deleted from the site. you may thank me at the door =)

lol! its been fun!
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Shabu Dog

New Bra

yeah. mom got me a new bra. Its pointy.

bullet bra central wee!
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Shabu Dog


I'm sad now.
I was supposed to go see my dad and his girlfriend in Lake Elsinore *about an hour from here* for a potroast dinner.
Things got really hectic around here all of a sudden. i remembered i have a paper due tuesday which i havent started, i got on a roll with my commissions, and mom suddenly came home from her retreat way earlier than i thought she would have. Not to mention i was just overall running late and would not get up there till like an hour after i said id be there.
I called my dad and told him the story he said *well you can work on your paper up here if youd like* everyone in my family knows i have an issue with working on stressful homework in another environment aside from my own home, yet few understand it.
it came to the conclusion that he said that it was fine and i didnt have to come up there. But i wanted to...thats the thing.
i said "no..but i want to see you" and he said *well then come up and well send you on your way asap* that generally means ill be one of those people who eats and runs. i hate being that person. ive done that the past 2 times ive gone up there and i always feel REALLY bad.

i just about cried when i was on the phone with him. I miss my dad a lot. i mean, i see him quite a bit and when i do we have a good time, but for some reason i get all sentimental when i see him. probably because of all the times ive said in my mind that i hate him when i really dont. i really dont hate dad at all in fact i love him very much and i miss seeing him all the time.

hopefully well get to spend time together this week.

its so hard for me to say no. even when im busy, even when i simply cant do something, i cant say no. especially to my dad. hes one of those people that is so hard to say no to...kinda like a cute puppy thats been chewing on your couch.
i also hate being a disappointment.

this problem is not with my dad. its with me. Dad didnt make me feel bad at all on purpose. he was just being loving...and for that, i feel bad.

im not used to unconditional love yet i guess...
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Quizzes cuz im bored

And i need cheering up..

OoooooOOooo yeah! I LOVE pouncing my Simba *rowr*

Which Lion King Character Are You?

Created by CrazyCoasterCo.

Worship me, i'm a goddess

See which Greek Goddess you are.

Yes, im VERY elusive.

What tiger are you?

i found this so fascinating i felt i had to take it twice...and yet...another similar yet weird result. im still rarely seen AND beautiful *feel slightly better*

What tiger are you?

Now for the hair...

How DO they know??!

want to see which hair color you are? then take this quiz & others.

this quiz was created by amber.

yeah, and i dye my hair. now for the reality of it...

want to see which hair color you are? then take this quiz & others.

this quiz was created by amber.

Okay. cheering up a tad now.
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case of mistaken identity, im sorry

okay. im a dork.

This is to you, anonymous person who posted on my live journal.
I am sorry. I am sorry for my rude remark, i thought you were someone else. that goes to show people that when you post anonymously on my journal, i dont know who it is *obviously* and in this case i jumped to conclusions and said some things i shouldnt have, and they were directed at someone that i DO NOT like. They were not, however, directed at you...anonymous person with the helpful tips. so i am sorry. hope you accept this

if you read this often, you will know i am not a mean wolf, nor do i have any enemies. i hope to not make one of you. *offers a hug*
*droops ears*

god im an idiot. see folks? this is what hatred does to you. its not good to hate. let this be a lesson to you all.
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hello miss jump to conclusions

okay, this week has not been one of my finest. I have been jumping to conclusions a lot lately. whether it has been the stress of school or....well...i dunno. lets just say i have ABSOLUTELY NO excuse.
for those of you who i have offended, i am sorry.

here are some example of Thorn's biggest blunders:

An anonymous poster on my LJ told me *Learn some new CG skills!!*
i told them to drop dead in so many words
turns out they were actually offering helpful advice

way to fix this:
on their part....dont say vague statements that can be taken harshly
on my part...dont be a bitch. its not becoming of me.

Tavis brings up how the band members of Sum41 sleep with lots of different girls and proceeds to explain that weve been dating for 6 months and has never had the ability to do anything with another girl.
i blatantly cut him off and told him 'dont talk to me'
but apparently i interrupted him. cuz he was saying how the reason that this is so is because he doesnt WANT to and says im the only girl for him and thats all he needs to be happy. he also added 'dont jump to conclusions, silly girl.'

then i got mad at Iditarod for 'stealing' my balto sprites and using them for avatars on TIB. apparently i told silver she could post them as public use avatars awhile back and forgot about it.
Iditarod wasnt breaking any rules.

So to everyone ive hurt, i am sorry