September 10th, 2002

Shabu Dog

Clothes Nazi

Today there was a fire drill at school first period. I have animation, and Tiff has CAD right next door. it wasnt really a fire, more of a power outage. as everyone was walking outside i noticed Tiff was wearing a shirt that was the same, if not similar to the one that she had worn the day the clothes nazi dress code enforcer caught her and gave her a write up.
i told her to be careful and she and i proceeded to joke about what a loser Mr. Tuttle *the clothes nazi* is and how he has no life if hes picking on her for not having a different wardrobe. she cant afford to buy all new if he wants her to dress differently Tiff said hes gonna have to buy her new clothes.
well, the clothes nazi was right behind us when we were talking about him, and well, he walked out in front of us and i turned white. but i figured, "oh, he cant do anything if were just talking about him right?"

...wrong..apparently this teacher holds a grudge.

Tiff was called out of class 4th period and had to talk to a bunch of people at the office about
"someone said that they saw you during the firedrill this morning and that your shirt was inappropriate. they notified us and thats why youre here." Tiff said "who? Mr. Tuttle?!!"
obviously they meant to keep his identity a secret but to no avail. Tiffs a wiley cat. =P im surprised he even remembered her first and last name well enough to call her in!

they were gonna have to make her wear a PE shirt but she called her dad and had him bring her a shirt. her parents already dont like the way she dresses so she thinks shes gonna get in trouble. i really hope she doesnt though, i dont like it when shes in trouble. also, i need her to help me face paint! i cant do it by myself =(
*sigh* i really feel for her. and theres absolutely nothing we can do about it either. so were going shopping for *new clothes* on saturday....*groan* i like the way she dresses. its not bad at all! believe me, i know what bad is and theres TONS of hoochies at my school that dont get ratted out.

now its a police state and im gonna have to watch my mouth when talking about "unfair" faculty. sure their rules are understandable, i just dont believe that they should treat us so bad. there are calm and mature ways to handle these situations and im willing to try it if they are.
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Shabu Dog

TW TW or TW?

well, in screen printing, im a star apparently. we did this project where we had to take a photo, do the line art for it, do just a black and white comp of it, then do the black and white comp but add one color. i did a picture of a tiger and added orange. i got my project hung on the wall with a 50/50 on it =)she raved about how BEAUTIFUL Nicole's work was and that the others should try to live up to it =D

then, we have to do positive and negative letterforms where we take letters and a shape like a square or circle *the shape is optional* and overlap them so part is white and part is know...negative space and all that.
Tiffany is making an art website and i thought it deserved a cool graphic with her innitials on it, so i decided to do her innitials, TW. Coincidentally, her innitials also match up with the innitials for ThornWolf and the inntials for TavyWavy *people at work call Tav TW for short when theyre teasing him about me calling him Tavy Wavy*. so yeah, TW are letterforms that have many uses! =)
its looking really awesome! i did Boudini Regular for the W and some other cool curly font for the T and i put it on a circle. im gonna do another one too that looks pretty sweet..just cuz im ahead of the game. Tiff really liked my ideas and my teacher, well, she once again raved about how beautiful it was and how i had good ideas going.
god i love being artistic! =D
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