September 16th, 2002

Shabu Dog

club rush

id never join a club that would have me as a member. well...that is until now.

it was club rush at school a couple days ago, where you get to pick what club you wanna be in. it looks good on your transcript. i dont have any clubs. i hate them. and i have a problem with committment. i cant even spell it *is that right?*

of course this year they tried to win me over with food. some club, i think it was the digital media club, had sushi. they ALMOST got me with the shrimp dice.
trinity club had brownies, which were very good by the way, but still, i didnt feel like joining a christian club where i didnt know the people who were in it. i dont like to be open with people i dont know, especially involving religious issues. you never know who youll piss off.
some other club, i think it was key club, had iced coffee.. ICK! it was not good...

but the Hong Kong club had all these weird chinese treats, including soy sauce doused hard boiled eggs. now i looked at them and thought..mmmkay GROSS! but then they told me what they were and well....i figured id give it a shot. my friend Liz and i bought one and shared it, making sure ahead of time shed pay me back the 50 cents if it was nasty. we ate it and were pleasantly surprised! it was really good!

so i thought okay...i have to be Asian to join this club....oh...specifically Chinese. so i left and sat down. Liz and i thought about it and realized, we wanted to figure out what the club was about, so we went back. apparently you sit around, eat chinese food and talk. i do that anyways, so hey! why not get some sorta credit for it? also, they teach you to speak cantonese. Tiff speaks a bit of it, so i tried to get her to join. shes thinking about it...shes a busy kitty, lol!

so yeah, now im a member of the Hong Kong club. yay for me!
now im gonna get me some more of those soy sauce eggs *chomp*
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Shabu Dog


i feel that i am losing the best things i have in my life right now. how is it that one day i can feel i am on top of the world, and the rest can come crashing down in an instant? i seriously fear for the future and what it may bring. i dont want my worst fears to come true. to the "freshman" who decided to get involved in my life. you are not welcome here. you are nothing to me, and im not gonna allow you to bother me. this post is NOT about you or any related incident. its something completely different, so turn tail and run right now, you coward. to my like to say i appreciate all youve done for me. right now im talking to jenny..shes helping me out a little....but i still feel miserable. im going to be taking a 3 day break from the internet. i will only come online to check my auctions and MAYBE MAYBE MAYBE update my journal. but in all honesty, i think that the less im online, the better the chance of my problems being solved. right now, i think im going to crawl into a hole and figure out how i screwed things up so badly. im seriously scared right now.....its not school related...its just life related. i appreciate any kind words anyone has given me, they are much appreciated. right now i just need to take this time to think of what direction my life is going right now, who i want in it, and who i dont, and who and what i may be losing if i make the wrong decisions. goodbye all. ill be okay....i think.
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Shabu Dog

good to go

okay, sorted things out.
Talked to my wuff pup, he always makes me feel good. =D

you may be saying "boy, that was fast" and yes...yes it was...but..all the better i say.
as for my break that still stands. i shouldnt on that much anyhow.

heres an update on what im working on for those of you who have wondered:

Finished Works: I need to scan these..sorry for the wait
Pardo's Commission
Bloodhound Omega's Trade

Works in Progress:
Xian's Birthday present....betcha cant wait eh?
Michele's Balto-ish commission (basic form sketch)
Jerry's commission ( sketches and positioning )
Starfinder, random piccy i need to finish inking

Things that need to get started on asap:
Kitsune25's plush trade/character drawing trade, should start that soon
Simion Lonewolf's character sheets and book illustrations.

Things that need to be mailed:
Winter's money order
money order for my dreamcatcher i won
Snow's necklace *yet again i have failed to do so*
Tav's care package with weird little trinkets ive found, was supposed to arrive shortly after the 11th, eep.

Keeping busy as usual. =)

im feeling really inspired lately, be expecting a lot more art.
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