September 17th, 2002

Shabu Dog

see what i can do when im not in school?

I wasnt feeling quite myself, rather sedated for some reason. i couldnt keep my eyes open, so i asked mom if i could stay home to sleep. she didnt want me behind the wheel anyway *makes sense* so i got to snooze a bit.

I pretty much just woke up, went online and saw my wuffy boy. well that always cheers me up *grins* he called me earlier this morning as he was going to class. hes such a sweetie =)

anyhoo, this is what i got done today scanning-wise.

This is Bloodhound Omega's trade:

And of course, the long awaited Pardo Nightwalker commission =)

I really hope ya like it Pardo! just say the word and ill put it on some cafepress items for ya =)

okay, now im gonna do some drawing like im supposed to.
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Shabu Dog

forgotten voice talents

okay, this is weird. im watching that dreamworks version of joseph *VERY well done animation, especially for a straight to video release. its almost just as good as prince of egypt*
and there was a preview about that Santa Clause movie they had on cartoon network called "the true story of santa clause" and whatnot.
The voice of Santa Clause is clearly Jim Cummings. i know his voice anywhere, especially since Steele is my fave villain. However, when they were talking about who was the cast, they said " and so....dixie carter....and Santa Clause."

they didnt say "Jim Cummings as Santa Clause". they made it seem like santa provided his own voice =(
ive noticed this a lot when Jim Cummings is a voice talent. he was a voice of one of the guards on aladdin, but, alas, no mention whatsoever.
this happens on a lot of toons too. it bugs me.

anyway, as for this Joseph-King of Dreams movie, i seriously think you should watch it. i LOVED the moses story, but this one is amazing too. especially if youre a huge animation fan....its gorgeous! Disney cant compete, they should just turn tail and run when it comes to quality. *mrrr*

PS: theres wolves in this movie =D
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Shabu Dog

Halloween Costumes....Help!

I need to figure out a halloween costume this year! but i need one thats low cost and preferably animal related.
last year i was edward scissorhands. that was a chore in itself! it took over a month complete and cost over 80 bucks to make! jeeze! talk about devotion =P
heres pics..dont laugh please. i look like a man and my makeup is horrible. all time went into the costume, and i look fat! EW!
ah well, its supposed to be scary, its halloween isnt it?

anyhoo, this year i was thinking of being a native american wolf spirit guide. i would have a talking stick and a mask and some feathery things on my wrists and ankles. then as for my body i think id just wear my cutoff pants *theyre all ruffly looking* and for a shirt i dunno. any ideas? i can go to the thrift shop and look for some stuff, but i gotta keep in mind that california autumn at night is a tad chilly. not too bad, but enough that i cant be running around in a tank top and shorts.

i really need help with this one. unless you guys can figure out something else that would be a better idea. it would be much appreciated =)
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