September 24th, 2002

Shabu Dog

im on a roll! well..sorta...

okay, digging up old comics.
a little background behind this one:
before we started dating...
tav had asked me out a bunch of times and told me he loved me and whatnot and i wasnt sure if i could handle a long distance relationship a dork i shined him on. finally when he decided to give up and date other people, i realized how much i really DID love him. he knew i loved him before but...i think this was a test to see how much lol!
im a stubborn mule like that =P
ah well, things worked did this comic...drawn in math class last year =)

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Shabu Dog


Beware, capitalist statements may be made in this entry

okay, so Tiff and i went to the mall yesterday and we went to Hot Topic. dont get on my not there to buy the trendy stuff with the tie already tied for you and the patches already sewn for you and the pants already ripped for you >=P

however Tiff DID find a nice black and white checkered wallet which i bought. i just wish i had more money to feed it =)
it came with a wallet chain *handy for SOOO paranoid, especially in those dang subway trains*

as for my old wallet, its remy's. i may keep it, but i also may paint something on it and sell it either on furbid or e-bay. its black leather. VERY nice.

i also have another blue cloth wallet Kura traded me for a leather one that my ex boyfriend gave me *it was a guys wallet..VERY huge..and leather*. im gonna fix it up and paint stuff on it too and sell it.

back to the hot topic story....
Tiff and i wandered around, she got, i think some overpriced only sure of what she tried on im not sure what she bought. but i found 2 "leather" punk bracelets. no spikes, no studs, just....plain flat leather bands. they were on clearance too! theyre normally like 6 bucks and something but i got em for 2 and some change =D
i had a great gonna buy em, paint stuff on em, and sell them. =)
now im trying to think of what to paint. i asked Aheria and she said wolves but along with some tribal type designs. does anyone have any suggestions for any of these painting projects?

i also wonder how much i should charge for em, and whether or not i should sell them on e-bay or furbid.

from the looks of it, selunca's going to win that earth tone necklace i made =) yay selly!
i sold the other one for 27 bucks. got the money order today =)

oh oh! and CW youre never gonna believe this!!!
you know how i said i had a MAD magazine with "the lion's kin" parody in it? well, its MAD's COLORED classics. yep, that means i have it..and its in COLOR!!
but tav said i should keep it for awhile. let it increase with value...what do you think?
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Shabu Dog

not social today or any day. please listen to me

i havent been very socialable lately. i have many things to do. lately when i come online im not *really* online. and if i do not want to be disturbed i do not IM anyone or i put my away message on. if i IM you, thats one thing, but please, if i say *cant talk now* or *busy* that means in nicole-speak "no really...i DONT feel like talking to ANYONE right now."

im fighting an internet addiction so ive decided its not best for me to come on for "chit chat". if you happen to catch me online and youre a frequent IMer, please, ill come to you.

do NOT bug me about commissions. im doing NOT bug me about whatever psycho disorder you very skittish and dont take kindly to playing doctor. on normal days, i will listen, but not during this busy busy month. i will notify everyone when i am free.

on the other hand, if you just want to say a quick "hi" thats fine. if i can talk, i will talk to you. but if i say one of those other "phrases" please..respect my wishes and dont IM again. you have no idea how aggrivating it is to think someone realizes youre busy than to have them randomly say something again and totally upset your concentration.

not pointing anyone out, just stating this before it gets out of hand.

reminder..."hello's" are okay. lingering when its not wanted...not okay. "quick comments/questions" are okay, but please..quick is the keyword here.

thank you for your patience with me. i will get my stuff done now IN THE ORDER THEY WERE ASSIGNED. this also patient. others were before you. i must tend to those matters first.
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Shabu Dog

taking a break from the norm

decided to give my wrists a rest and give my fingers a workout. i made an anklet to match the necklaces ive been making lately. they have large turquoise round beads, small wooden beeds, tiny dark brown seed beads and of course my little silver feathers.

on a stupider note i spilled vinegar from my fish and chips ALL OVER MYSELF. NOOO! not my tie-dyed shirt! does vinegar stain?
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Shabu Dog


Jason Mewes, star of Jay and silent bob strike back and many other kevin smith movies, has been missing for nearly 10 months. many say he is either in another country or dead. i REALLY hope hes not dead!
Jay! why did you have to be so dumb!! getting caught with drugs is NOT going to be as big of a punishment as resisting arrest!!

pray for him guys, hes gonna need it.
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Shabu Dog

is it me or are commercials less inventive these days?

I just saw a sperm swimming across my television screen for 2 minutes and it was a commercial for insurance =P
what is up with that anyhow?

Right now im talking to StarFinder trying to come up with a name for her *comic in the works*.
These are what i came up with so far...mostly based on the description of the comic she gave me and also based on the convo we had in between names. as i told her "being corny is part of the thought process"
Obedience School
Disobedience School
Twisted "Tails"
Bored of Education
Gettin' Fresh
Under Dogs
Public Puberty
Pubic Education
Student Body Parts
Spaz with Style
Beware of Freshmen
Cliche's and Shit
Skewl iz Fuhn
Don't Feed the Freshmen
Freshmen with Firecrackers
Bondage and Biology

still nothing yet. we cant seem to come up with anything catchy enough.
i still like my *muttropolis* =) but thats just me.
COPYRIGHT ME COPYRIGHT ME COPYRIGHT ME! yep....*cough*copyright me*cough*
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