September 25th, 2002

Shabu Dog

Imitation beer...mmm

You know, if you eat soy sauce eggs and drink Squirt, it tastes just like beer? *licks chops*


and as for the caption...its oh so true *grins*

THANKS SILVER! *huggles and wags!* im gonna make it into an LJ pic =)
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Shabu Dog

Sunny Day Blues

I miss New York. I didnt think id say that due to the fact that i had a mass coughing fit the whole time i was there due to smokers and pollution, but i do miss it. And i miss Tav.
i had SUCH a good time there! There's lots more to do there than here in rancho bernardo, simply due to the fact that in city areas everything is CLOSE. everythings 20 minutes away from here =P
if/when i move there i am SO getting this liscence plate...

i cant remember if i said this already but i bought a clerks cartoons lunchbox in Red Bank. When Tav and i got home, his sister saw it, pointed to Dante Hicks and was like, "Tavis is this you?" =P
i said "yes Caitlin, i got a personalized lunchbox of Tavis while i waited". Hee hee, now you know why my character for Tav is named "Dante" *hugs her wuff*

I cant wait to go there for Christmas, but the sad thing is, i have absolutely NO snow clothes o_O seems like everytime i go there im gonna have to go on a mass shopping spree *sigh*

and now for something completely different...
Click here for useless facts....
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*sits and counts down the days till X-mas*
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