September 27th, 2002

Shabu Dog

woo hoo!

7 Month anniversary with Tavis! YAAAY! we decided no gifts. this is not an important anniversary. 9 months is a big one. i got something planned already. hes gonna be here for it =D

im going to knotts berry farm this weekend,gonna be staying in OC *but dont get to see Xian =( * ah well, were makin plans for next weekend. perhaps go to mexican? =) all i owe art to....BE PATIENT. im in HS too ya know but im a wolf of my word and will always finish it. i promise *crosses her heart*

pray for me, its raining and i have to drive a long way.

Tavis, if you read this, i love you *kiss* be good. ill talk to you tonight.
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    Modern Man - Bad Religion