October 1st, 2002

Shabu Dog

english muffin m'lady? *why thank you sah*

LOL Cat Chat Jack in the Box commercial *snickers* engaged to the grumpus van fuzzybottom!! ROTFLMAO ok ok i know most of you dont have jack in the box where you live, but this place has funny commercials. =)
as the cross dressing cat entered the room, i said "look what the cat in drag dragged in"
well, mom says "oh ill let you sleep yadda yadda" but she STILL calls me at 9:30 in the morning for no reason. she KNOWS no ones home whod care and she knows im asleep =(
ah well.
today these are my goals:
finish michele's commission
ink jerry's commission
get a decent VCL worthy sketch of Kitsune25's trade
eat a sandwich *thats an easy one to meet*

so yeah im not gonna be too sociable today if im online. cuz chances are, if im on, im not really *on* im actually downloading junk. yeah..you heard me...junk.

shirley temple snapped at the waiter: whats this animal crap here in my soup?

Oh and a note to XianJaguar: on last nights celebrity boot camp they only had ONE minute to make a phonecall. they had to go in a foxhole and use a portable phone and the drill sargeant was right there listening. well one of em..*i think it was Renegade*
dialed the wrong number and left a one minute answering machine message saying "im sorry i must have dialed the wrong number, this is so and so, and i dialed the wrong number in the pressure. im at celebrity boot camp, and its very stressful and im sorry i dialed the wrong number. disregard this message."
so when he got out of the foxhole, the drill sargeant was like "WHO WAS THAT YOU WERE JUST TALKING TO?!"
"i dialed the wrong number sir"
"so you left a one minute message on a strangers answering machine? why didnt you hang up and try again?!"
"i....i dont know"

LOL! and then that one blonde chick was like "oh yeah..im like....in a hole....and like....talking to you on some phone thingy." =P
"where i come from they call it bootyface"~Coolio
they shaved off Coolio's moustache so now he said he has big lips and no moustache
its not like he had much of a moustache ANYWAYS so i wouldnt think it would make much a difference to his appearance. it was as thin as dental floss =P looked like he had a thin line of oreo crumbs on his upper lip.

so yeah. im gonna go try to meet my goals today. OH YEAH! one more thing...my senior picture headshots came through today i need to go pick them up and pick which is gonna be in the yearbook *is really really nervous* i am NOT photogenic. *whine*
hold me...
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Shabu Dog


paypal has me confused. i wanna start posting auctions on E-bay but im so clueless as to how things work *is overwhelmed*

okay, progress made today, did more of michele's commission.
i have the finished sketches of Jerry's commission i just wanted to ask him real quick if he wanted pants on his char's or not. ATTENTION JERRY! just need that question answered and im set =)i drew them without pants and i think it looks pretty nifty
gonna go work on kitsune's sketch right now. and maybe try to figure out paypal. i dont wanna go to school tomorrow.
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Shabu Dog

*sigh* wuffy boy

i miss him. im not gonna be seeing him for another 2 months or so. im lonely.
with moms husband here, moms all nice and stuff, but, i rarely see them. they go out and junk. also i dont have much privacy when i DO want it.
i cant wait to see tavis again and just pounce him at the airport and give him the biggest kiss ever *sighs*
i wanna make him a present but..cant. working on commissions.
priorities suck.

*curls up in a blanket and cuddles tav's stuffed wolf who we named "sir alexander macwuffle the third..." i think. unless we changed it. i forgot*
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Shabu Dog

Thorn of the Hidden Imagination

Thats my name that i got on this little name generator site dealy CWTyger showed me..here are some of the other ones that popped up:

cracks of the stolen morning
leaves of the moonlit fates
reflection of the shattered feline
branch of the flaming feline
deepening of the broken bark *i think that one works for Engel..lol, sounds like Engel when he went through puberty*
beam of the blue imagination
shade of the burning feline
haze of the forrest cheetah
attacker of the dawn light *sounds like a cat chasing a flashlight beam*
Thorns of the Fallen Rainbow

lol so yeah, no joke, the one in the title came up. weird =P

if you wanna try it out yourself go here http://www.cityshar.com/samnames.html

and now for the comedic and musical stylings of Simion Lonewolf

Simion Lonewolf: I have a question: you got a big butt? :-)
NicoleSD: no, why
NicoleSD: do you?!
Simion Lonewolf: Too bad. 'Cause I like big butts and I can not lie. You other brothers can't deny, when a girl walks up with an itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face you get sprung! :-P Sorry, just found that song on the internet.
NicoleSD: *rolls eyes*
NicoleSD: LOL
Simion Lonewolf: Just be thankful you don't have to listen to whitey-white-white boy trying to rap. ^_^
NicoleSD: *gah* who?
NicoleSD: eminem?
Simion Lonewolf: No, me!
NicoleSD: LOL
Simion Lonewolf: Well, him too. But me for now.

so yeah. jenny and i are going to hang out at the drugstore tomorrow and also see about class rings. yeah, im gonna jump on the bandwagon. i also gotta see about my senior pics. *eep* forgot =P

*clock ticks...waiting for tavis*

oh and by the way, mike cooked burgers tonight. they sucked. never EVER buy meat from Trader Joes. you should never trust vegetarians with beef i told him...but he wouldnt listen! *face palms*

I think i might watch clerks again, or the clerks cartoons. right now im listening to Leaders and Followers. for those of you non kevin smith fans, this song plays right after Dante and Randal knock over the casket at Dante's ex girlfriends funeral and drive off.

You can play with the big booooys
or you can tell them what to do
but sooner or later theres another one like you

Rock on. oooo yeah
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Shabu Dog

ive been thinking

i know i shouldnt be *thinking*. after all i may hurt myself.
but, i have been thinking about a lot of things lately. I talked with Tavis about a few things. Hes such a great guy, i love him to death. Hes sweet and understanding. Im so grateful we can talk about everyday things, as well as bigger issues.We have things were discussing that can either help us or hurt us in the future. Not about our relationship in general mind you, but just stuff to consider in life, whether now or later. Stuff about us, and our lives and what direction theyre going in. Growing up is a bitch, but, everyone has to do it. I feel very lucky and blessed to have a guy like him. If i had to walk through hell with anyone i would definitely choose him or dad, but since dads not religious in any way i think id feel more secure with Tav. at least hed know what to expect, know what i mean? ;) Tav, thanks for being there for me and im glad we can learn and grow up together, though i need it more than you, hee hee =)
I also talked with Jenny about some of it too. were gonna hang out tomorrow. no doubt shes gonna tell me about how shes planning on moving out. im hoping she can give me tips on that as well, its one of the many things i need to start thinking of.

i told CW i was gonna try to find a song that best summed it up...i may have found one. of course, being the lazy bum i am, i just stuck to one on my playlist:

by Howard Jones

We're not scared to lose it all
Security throw through the wall
Future dreams we have to realize
A thousand sceptic hands
Won't keep us from the things we plan
Unless we're clinging to the things we prize

And do you feel scared - I do
But I won't stop and falter
And if we threw it all away
Things can only get better
Wow wow wow oh, wow wow wow oh oh oh oh

Treating today as though it was
The last, the final show
Get to sixty and feel no regret
It may take a little time
A lonely path, an uphill climb
Success or failure will not alter it

*Chorus x2 *

Yeah. I think that works. What do you think Tav?
Ill prolly find a better one later. Love you cutie. youre one in a million *lick*
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