October 2nd, 2002

Shabu Dog

Note to self...

Call Branden tomorrow *the 3rd* and wish him a happy (19th?) birthday...or is it 20th? i cant remember! Fuck. hes my ex and i dont even know how old he is gonna be. *smacks wrists*
Tav do the math for me. im lazy.
October 3rd 1983 to October 3rd 2002.......good, its 19. i keep forgetting cuz tav and him were both born in the same year but on different ends of the year. so while tavs gonna turn 20 in feb *scary thought* bran just turned 19
*wipes brow* thank god its not a milestone. or id have to talk to him a long time =P
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Shabu Dog

IM A CUTTLE FISH! wait..no...a "CUDDLE fish" =D

I love my wuff. now i just gotta finish what im doing so i can start raising money to go see him for x-mas. hes gonna come see me for thanksgiving thank god. any get rich quick ideas anyone?
*bugs her wuffy boy about random junk*

NicoleSD: sorry im pushy *shove*
BeeperBomb: blah. -falls over-
NicoleSD: lol
NicoleSD: you sound like a vampire *blah! blah!*
NicoleSD: its really just dracula tripping down the stairs

im gonna go chat with him now, im in a silly mood! see? *points to mood icon*
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