October 9th, 2002

Shabu Dog

my poor wuffy boy

okay, iknow its just bad news after bad news. my poor wuffy boy tavis had to have a camera shoved down his throat today. hes just now coming out of his "sleep state"
i forget what the procedure is called though. i feel so bad for him...its so pathetic to hear him mumble. makes me just wanna give him a hug and let him sleep. =*( i lovehim so much. i had to stay after school today to work on my animation, buti knew he would be calling so i brought my cell phone with me. i dont know if he tried to call my house phone or what but he said he was unable to get ahold of me. *keep in mind he was still sleepy* i felt so so bad! he kept repeating "i wanted you to be home...i wanted you to be home...bbrbrhrfffff....zzzzzzz"
*sighs* poor wuffy boy *pets*

on a good note i got new shirts and some black and white checkered shoelaces. im obsessed with checkers. just look at my wallet, backpack, shoelaces, etc. =P

gah. gonna go be productive now.
*kisses her wuffy....and ties her checkered shoelaces*
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Shabu Dog

Moron Alert.

Merglersd7: hey there girl
*good, he knows genders. its a start*
NicoleSD: hey there..um. you
*what do i say to that?*
NicoleSD: who is this
Merglersd7: im ethan
*ethan allen?*
Merglersd7: how old are u
NicoleSD: 17
NicoleSD: why
Merglersd7: just curious
*curiosity salted the snail*
Merglersd7: im 21
*you must REALLY be pathetic to be hitting on me*
NicoleSD: how old are you
NicoleSD: ah
Merglersd7: u single
NicoleSD: i see
NicoleSD: check my profile
*if he checked profiles to get my SN in the first place hed see that im not single..dumbass*
Merglersd7: cool.
Merglersd7: so i have no chance
*no chance in hell*
NicoleSD: absolutely none. sorry
NicoleSD: im very devoted
*yeah, shove off sailor*
Merglersd7: ok ur loss of a big cock
*okay, now its getting personal*
Merglersd7: c an be discreet
*what the heck does that mean?*
NicoleSD: no thanks ill pass, besides, im sure my man will put you to shame in ANY way. good day
*what else could i say?! its not like i get this kinda treatment every day. jerk*

that really miffed me.
why do i always get the creepy people IMing me? its only 8:00! i guess their dates cant go out of the barnyard past 7. after all, its feeding time >=D *baaaaaah*
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