October 10th, 2002

Shabu Dog

i think im starting to live up to the "productive" title people have given me =P

i dont know why people think im productive because im really not *keels over*
however i HAVE done quite a few things within the past 2 days:
here is a list of them

put up some new auctions (all are on furbid, if interested go check em out!):
new red panda plush * a very rare find indeed! i was shocked myself so i got myself one to keep and cuddle, hee hee*
new daffy duck plush *had him for awhile...never touched him*
new plushie wolf keychain *this is a KYOOT item, not to mention hard to find. once agian, i got myself one*

all auctions have the opportunity that if the bidding goes over a certain price then you can get a free print of either my red wolf or gray wolf were. *yeah, theyre the easiest to print, lol, not to mention G-rated*

i also put up some new print auctions
i inked Jerry's commission. i was gonna scan it but its HUGE! not to mention i need to hook up my scanner. jerry, omega is facing to MY left right? *crosses claws, please please please please* i have them facing opposite directions either way

starting on Simion Lonewolf's commissions *yes...finally....*
Made a magnet *my first one, Xian it worked! yahoo!* oh and go check out her auctions on furbid too, theyre grrrrreat! no really. go now. ill wait....

back? ok....
i also finished the final sketch for not one but TWO logos for screen printing. going to finalize them tonight.
made Naryu a head sprite *grin grin*
took a bunch of pictures of the things im preparing to sell on either furbid or e-bay. i just need help on one thing..how would i go about finding out shipping cost? i dont wanna go into a post office carrying a box and something in it and acting like a fool! lol
*is a fool*

finished my english paper, not to mention took everyones assigned paragraph and combined them to form one huge paper *i did the transition sentences*

i also made 3 new original sketches to put on furbid..one is of a cute little fennec chasing a fuzzy caterpillar. i really like it =) the other 2 are a toony-furry fennec male and a toony-furry vixen. ill put up a notice when those are up for auction *needs to hook up scanner*
so yeah, thats what i did today and yesterday. *whew!*
unfortunately i had to skip hong kong club due to a horrible tummy ache that lasted ALL DAY LONG *ouchie* ah well....not gonna let that slow me down

now to go accomplish more! HUZZAH!
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    Learning to Fly - Pink Floyd *calms me down, im hyped up!*
Shabu Dog

Tiffalynx and Co.

Tiff and igot to hang out today! wow thats a thought, lol! we see each other everyday at school but havent had the time lately to just hang out at home and actually TALK. im so glad i got to talk with her about a lot of things. turns out we were keeping a few very important things from each other simply because we thought wed make the other person feel awkward or bad or..well...whatever. point is, dont do that. if theyre your friend, of course theyll understand ;)
*feels warm and fuzzy inside*

im so happy that she has her boyfriend tony. he sounds like such a sweetheart!!! ive met him twice and havent talked to him much but i get a good vibe ;)

good news! i got a bid on my red panda plush! Apparently furry artist Caribou wants it. *although ir eally hope the bidding goes higher than that, it cost me 8 bucks id like to get more than 2 bucks in return...the starting bid is 10. im a moron*
hope i get some bids on some other things.

did a bit of doodling tonight.
i drew all of Simion Lonewolf's characters *quick sketchies, nothing special...just wanted to get the characters down for reference*. i think im really gonna like his projects.
did some more of Jerry's commission, ie: putting finishing touches on the inked part.

did absolutely NO homework tonight. didnt have any, really. at least, not that i know of o_0
i am so dead when it comes to my animation though. its due monday and i havent even started animating yet *gasp* i dont know how he expects us to do it over the weekend with a ghetto lighttable with no pegs. not everyone has those little buggers. i mean...i have 2 but....alas, no registration pegs. =P

Tiff and i talked about guys and friends and...well...junk.. *lol...JUNK!!!* inside joke =P
and yes tavis we talked about you. good things. its what girls do, we talk about guys mwahahahaha!

made 2 magnets for tiff and one to sell. im gonna sell em in a pack of..4 or 6 it depends. cheaper than Xians though...shes damn good. =D

oh yeah! and i got my lion king cards in the mail today! *grins and wags*
good thing too. i was about to start raising hell. i bought the simba plush and the cards on the same day and the simba plush came last week =P slackers.

things are good....now im just gonna curl up and chat with my loving mate and all will be well with the world *mrrrrr*
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