October 12th, 2002

Shabu Dog


tavs fine. little phone mishap *kicks his phone*

as for me i took my SATs today and i think i did pretty darn well *if i do say so myself* and i cant believe it but i didnt choke on the math portion!! =D usually do SO bad on those.
i barely left any questions blank either. id say on average i left about 2-3 blank per section, but there were some sections i didnt leave any blank on. *whew* glad thats over with. cant wait to see my score now. =P

i got a new Wacom Tablet!!! =D !!!

it is sooooo cool! and its for the PC, unlike my other one. im gonna be selling my other one *its for a Mac and my dog bit on the pen a little but its not squished or anything*

yeah so lemme know if youre interested in one for cheap!

okay..gonna to test out StarFinder's tutorial now *glee*
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Shabu Dog


is it me or is everyone having the problem of not being able to access Oakpaw's forums? *GRR!* *click....click.....click click......clickclickclickclick!!!*
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