October 13th, 2002

Shabu Dog

why is it when i have something good happen theres a bad side?

Im really excited about how well my auctions are going.
someone bid on a print of my Fennec girl,
Caribou bid on this little Red Panda plush *although i hope it goes for more than 10..if it goes over 12 i think the winner gets a free print with no additional shipping..and id like tomake more than a $2.00 profit on this baby*

but this one i highly doubted was gonna sell. mainly because theres other animal keychains going for one dollar and mine was going for 4 bucks (i paid more than a buck for it..) http://www.furbid.ws/cgi-bin/auction.pl?plushfur&1035492037
needless to say i was quite excited when someone bid $10 as their first bid...of course everyone who sells things knows this is mostly too good to be true. i was a victim of that "Chris" guy who kept bidding high and never paying. jerk.
so i checked out his ratings. all negative with the same problem. his check always bounced *groan* so yeah..i see my $10 bucks flying out the window as we speak *sighs*
i wrote him an e-mail though..

hello! this is Thornwolf. thank you very much for bidding so generously on my keychain auction. however, i have read your negative ratings and am very wary...as i do NOT want the same thing repeated. you MUST tell me if you are going to in fact pay for this keychain or not, otherwise i will not ship it. i always wait until payment clears before shipping an item and i rarely take checks.

please understand, although i am willing to sell it if you do in fact have the money in your paws.

hopefully that will get a quick response.

so yeah..if anyones interested in any of my auctions go ahead. *nudge nudge hint hint* lol!
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Shabu Dog


What is Your Native American Totem?

brought to you by Quizilla

as if any of you had any doubt? ;)

i feel like drawing myself as a coyote for some odd reason. i may make up a new character.

i started a drawing of a coyote using StarFinder's tutorial. *although its sucking so far...damn!*

but its cool! its of this coyote were...*perhaps..although its more non anthro than anthro...* and its holding a rattlesnake and grinning. the concept is "trust"
ill scan the sketch and put it up on VCL asap for you guys to see.
Shabu Dog

how annoying

okay, Wintermists art is looking oddly familiar *refering to Kylen Miles' artwork..yet again*
same with Nighttracker or whatever her name is..Rachel.

now im not one to get all ranty on art thieves. theyll get theirs in the end.
Regarding these types of people Tav said :Theyll theyre probably gonna die in their room all alone crying anyways

so its not my job to sit there and rant at them. besides no ones stolen my art yet..well..not really and *luckily*

but this pic makes me a wee bit bugged/nervous...http://vcl.ctrl-c.liu.se/vcl/Artists/Kachina/cmere_K.JPG

okay, Engel is supposed to be a plain white wolf with green eyes...but why is it that they had to knock off whatever gray markings he DOES have??? *sigh* and i cant do anything about it. and if i did, id look like the psycho. sometimes i hate art.
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Shabu Dog

heres that sketch i said id scan

this is the coyote thingy...

the concept is trust. the tricky coyote is trusting that the rattlesnake wont bite him, while the rattlesnake trusts the coyote to not pull any tricks....bleh.

im coloring this one. ill eventually get it done. after all my other stuff =P

if you cant see it, lemme know and ill post the URL

heres a quickie tablet coyote doodle i did to test it out

lemme know what you think! =)
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Shabu Dog

Simion youre FUNNY guy *keels over*

Simion Lonewolf: http://simionlonewolf.livejournal.com/
Auto response from NicoleSD: please leave a message =D
Simion Lonewolf: Leave a message? Where's the beep? :-P
NicoleSD: BEEP!! =D
NicoleSD: niiice deal!
NicoleSD: its like a newspaper
Simion Lonewolf: Hi Nicole, This is your "other boyfriend" Simmy. Just wanted you to check out my new entry in my LiveJournal AND the cool layout I customized today. Why don't we meet some time? No? Your loss of a big cock. :-P
NicoleSD: i am SOO writing that down
Simion Lonewolf: Great, now I'm gonna be the perv to all your LiveJournal regulars. ^_^
NicoleSD: lol
NicoleSD: people read my LJ like its some sort of best selling novel
NicoleSD: it bugs me..they IM me theyre like....*hi thornwolf? oh my god...i like...read your live journal all the time..so hows your boyfriend is he okay? mom giving you trouble again? what about that midterm? okay well..you dont know me but now that were friends could you draw me a picture? im a polkadot wolf with puke green eyes...thanx! oh and for free too..byeeeeeee!!*
Simion Lonewolf: LMAO

oh god..good times good times *giggles*
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