October 18th, 2002

Shabu Dog

lesson to those of you who live with your parents

when your dad asks you "do you think im a nice guy?" and you say "yes" and they say "well youre not gonna think it in a minute" for heavens sake DONT ask them "why" =P

dad and i...well..mostly i...cleaned my car today. its spotless now. but the thing with me is, im obsessive compulsive, though i grew out of most of it. once i start i HAVE to keep going. so he had to pry me away from cleaning my car, every little nook and cranny. he said *well come back to it later* i said *if i wait then i wont want to!*

its really annoying =P

speaking of starting and wanting to keep going, i tried to read my adobe illustrator book today so i can actually LEARN the program so i can go out to see tav, and well, dad interrupted me... SO annoying! he was building shelves and of course i had to help. im not a handy type of person. my hands are soft, no hard labor. im an artist, not a..shelf...building...person =P

so yeah, we built shelves. i nearly sawed my leg off, drilled myself *dad drilled a hole in his finger..lucky it wasnt me*, i sneezed and lost a screw, had an allergic reaction to the sawdust, and dad burned me by handing me a hot drill bit. i am now branded with a drill mark. dad said "well...theres your first lesson in friction!" *rolls eyes*

finally i got to take a nap. when i woke up i decided to get some work done on my commissions. no sooner did i actually get a good idea into my head then dad said *turn the tv off put your stuff down were going out* annoying yet AGAIN! i dont think he has realized out of the 17 years of knowing me that once i get the inspiration to do something i HAVE to do it right then and there otherwise the inspiration is GONE and its hard to get back. so after a lot of whining and grumbling i still had to go. we went to a mexican food restaurant *yes tav, that one, the one you got the icky enchilada at* and walked around the london bridge, for what reason i do not know. *and my favorite color is perriwinkle for the same reason =D jk*
we also saw this old hot rod show. that was interesting. mixed in with it all was a pink flamey hearse. i want a hearse. *sighs*
anyhoo, we got back home and i got a sketch done for the Adventures of Simion Lonewolf *commission for an illustration*
got the sketch for Kitsune25's trade
and i also did a really nifty sketch i call *Daydreaming* with a wolf lounging, crossing its legs and doodling in the sand with a stick. ill have to scan them when i get back however.
and i would LOOOOOVE to get stuff done on Jerry's commission only, guess what? i left my micron pens at home *sighs*

im also having an artists block when it comes to original junk. maybe if i get to see Desert Coyote tomorrow things will perk up. hope it doesnt rain =P
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Shabu Dog


tonights episode of courage the cowardly dog made absolutely NO sense WHATSOEVER.
it was about this cat named "kitty" who wore a mask because she "didnt want to face reality." she had a best friend named bunny who was going out with a mean boyfriend/doberman named Mad Dog who lived on the wrong side of the tracks and forbade bunny and kitty from seeing each other. Kitty had a stuffed catnip mouse that bunny had given her and Courage, for some reason, was afraid of Kitty. Kitty didnt like dogs because of what happened to her friend and hated courage. so yeah...long story short, courage found bunny, rescued her from mad dog and reunited bunny and kitty and kitty realized that not all dogs are bad. throughout the episode, Courage kept having these weird visuals of Kitty wearing her mask and eating eustace and muriel, which made absolutely no sense. but the one line that stood out to me was when mad dog said "bunny? do you miss kitty? Boy if i even SMELL kitty, im gonna be so mad" or something to that effect...inside joke between me and tav, LOL ROTFLMAO.
so yeah..im confused
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