October 19th, 2002

Shabu Dog

i got to meet Desert Coyote!

yaaaay! i got to meet JC today in Kingman, AZ. ive never been there before but i must say iwas quite impressed =D
Shes such a sweetheart! she made me this pretty little piccy of a "Havasu Wolf", ie: a wolfie riding a jet ski, lol! its so adorable! if she hasnt already ill scan it for her in case she wants to add it to any of her online art collections, its cute =) in return i gave her my fennec chasing a caterpillar pencil drawing. i thought it was only right especially because i happened to be thinking of her style of art while drawing it. her little baby fennec pic she had up for auction inspired me to do it ;)
we met at this little coffee shop called "old town coffee house". it was very hard to find and very small and quaint but it was really cute. we both had blackberry italian sodas. dad and june and the gang was in town too doing some harley accessory shopping. dad met JC and thought she was really really nice and sweet and extremely talented! JC youre more than welcome to come to our place in havasu if youd like to visit us when youre free. just so you know. after that, alls i gotta do is get XianJaguar down to RB and then the *meet up in my area* trade off will be complete, HA! =D hope they dont get as lost as i do *slaps her own wrists*.

anyhoo, so JC and i were exchanging sketchbooks..only hers is more like a *masterpiece book* =P and she was looking through mine and was on the page with tav's little no named blue haired huskie char and some random old lady is like *wow looks like SOMEONES a good artist!* and she proceeded to come over and talked to us. she asked if i could draw afghan hounds so i drew her one. she then told us about how disney supposedly, if you go and ask for a job at disneyland doing some kinda art work for them, theyll pay for your education AT LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN *my dream school* so you can refine your skills. *keels over* need more info! so this lady is gonna get in touch with me or JC supposedly and discuss this in detail. im gonna go over to Laguna and check it out and see if theyve heard of this policy at all.

anyhoo, so then JC and i talked about bones and dead things and cool things to make and such and went next door to some random odds and ends store where i bought a 5 dollar dark dark dark grey rabbit pelt. very very nice ineed, no rips or anything =)
then we went to White Buffalo where they had feathers, claws, beads, leather, etc. i bought some feathers and a couple beads here and there also some porcupine quills to make some necklaces. mmm fun stuff.
that store is SO AMAZING! i was just....in awe at all the stuff they had there. Lucky JC, gets to see that store all the time. they never have places like that in SD. just shells and stuff *has seen enough seashells*

anyhoo...june made tacos tonight so i think im going to ravage those >=D

Thanks for meeting up with me JC! *huggles* hope i didnt scare ya too bad =D
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Shabu Dog


i wish /i/ was a big name so my crappy artwork that costs 8 cents to copy could be worth 35 bucks.
*growls, and continues to surf furbid*
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Shabu Dog

digital cameras suck

okay..i was inspired after todays visit with Desert Coyote *what with all the artsy craftsy stuff i bought today* and drew this piece. i call it "Craftsman" but beware, i used a digital camera to "scan" this pic. it SUCKS!! im gonna actually scan it when i get home. Simion im not even gonna take a pic of your commission cuz well, it wont do it justice and i dont want you to think im a bad artist =P

i really like this one =) the pic didnt do it justice whatsoever though. i may put prints of this up on furbid, high quality gloss prints. i need info though..how much do you think i should make the starting bid be on prints of this? i /WAS/ gonna sell the original buuuuut...i like it too much. may wait till next year ;)

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gawd i love my wuffy. hes so sweet to me. he always cheers me up. though i didnt need any cheering up today thanks to JC *wink*, tav was there to put me in a "gigglesnorty" before bed time mood.

Tav: boy we really ARE best friends
Nicole: yep! youre da Ga-Bubble! *nicole and tavis's new word for "da bomb"..dun ask*
Nicole: promise you wont leave me?
Tav: honey, you will NEVER be able to get rid of me, not even with a stick or a can of Lysol
Nicole: *snort* i gotta draw that
(Tav doing his sign langage bit, roughly paraphrased and yes it sounds funny...but a deaf person will never know the difference)
Tav: My...name...Tavis....i work VERY hard in movie theatre.....BUT....i like work.
Girlfriend...i....have....her name..Nicole....where does nicole live?...she lives in california.....i love my girlfriend....ASL is fun!
Tav on cellphone: the connection is good, not a lot of static
Nicole on cellphone: what? youre a little fag?
Tav: no! will you clean the crap out of your ears?
Nicole: i just did this morning!
Tav: well you mustve missed a big glob youre still not hearing me right


yay! happy mood happy mood happy mood!
*waggle waggle waggle*

*pounces her mate and kisses him*
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