October 21st, 2002

Shabu Dog

oh bitch bitch bitch

i just realized all i have to do this week and i tell you what im NOT happy. i have to get my halloween costume ready ASAP and i have absolutely no time to do it in. im currently bidding on a couple items on e-bay but i dont think ill win them in time, and if i back out it will make me look bad.

i also have tons of things to do just today! here are some examples:

2 econ make up homework assignments
write a 2 page paper for english about the birthplace of man *Africa*
write clues for a scavenger hunt
i cant do my photo project today cuz the sunlight is horrid
my animation is not done and i dont know how im gonna be able to finish it
i have to draw 5 7 inch tall children by wedesday
by thursday i have to draw Greggy's annoying little cross design
and amongst all that i gotta find time to work on my commissions.

i take on too much i think. overachiever? well..i would have NEVER classified myself as one, especially cuz i dont think i actually ACHIEVE much, but i think im an "overattempter" in the sense that i try to make everyone happy but it doesnt work.
now..i learned this lesson years ago...WHY is history repeating itself? *groans, then kicks self in the arse*
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Shabu Dog


Jerry> inked both halves, now i just need a color reference for Jerry. i scanned him and ill perhaps post him on VCL tonight if i have time for some photo editing *hes too big to fit in my scanner, had to scan him twice*

Simion> showed you the sketch, now i just need any changes/suggestions and ill ink it and reverse it for you.

Kitsune25> should have a final detailed sketch scanned by this week

Greggy> need to start

4th grade teacher guy> have a template for the children, will have some done by wednesday, friday at the latest.

Pardo> what size shirt do you wear? im gonna make the iron ons but i need to get your shirts. theyre both white, right?

anyone else im forgetting please notify me.
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Shabu Dog


okie dokie...when God invented the porcupine he sure made a boo boo...*pulls the porcupine needles from her leg*
i bought some porcupine quills when i was with JC indending to make a necklace like Dani made for me...only i had a little accident and sat on some. also..there HAS to be an easier way to clean them! if anyone has any tips, PLEASE...id like to hear it. that foamy stuff in the middle is hard to get rid of. =P

in other non specific news, ive done my good deed for the day..*wipes paws* my work here is done *winks at certain people*

progress reports, same as ever.

Tiff sure brightened my day though..were weird ;)

Tiff3903: but im glas we hae each other as we are going through this
NicoleSD: hee hee *glings*
NicoleSD: i mean *clings*
NicoleSD: LOL
NicoleSD: gling
NicoleSD: gling gling homie G
Tiff3903: LMAO
Tiff3903: omg
Tiff3903: omg i am laughing so hard
NicoleSD: hahaha
Tiff3903: its bling bling, but i thik you know that
NicoleSD: i know
NicoleSD: =P
NicoleSD: geeze im not THAT white!
Tiff3903: hahahaha
Tiff3903: LOL
Tiff3903: omg omg
NicoleSD: and youre part black but...everyone knows that
Tiff3903: i know i know
NicoleSD: see? its our racial differences that bring us together!
Tiff3903: hahhha

okay..for the record, Tiff is not black. heres the story behind that one:

Tiff, Trav, Liz and i were sitting in the art room and we were talking about our racial backgrounds. I said im mostly German and Cherokee but otherwise im an all around Mutt, Travis, though hes white as hell, is part Mongolian, Liz is Mexican and French and junk and we all asked Tiff what she was..

Tiff: Im Chinese and Hungarian
Liz: Really? You dont LOOK part black
Tiff: *stares*
Nicole: *stares* um....black? where did you get that?
Liz: Yeah..Tiff's part black right?
Nicole: um...no...she said Chinese and Hungarian
Liz: oh..um.....nevermind then.

so yeah..its a running gag, youll see it quite a bit. were not racist, just..Liz is confused LOL

hrms.gonna scan things now. =D
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Shabu Dog


Jerry, heres half of the inked commission. i didnt do the "spirit" wings cuz im doing them in watercolor, theyll look more translucent that way..

Half of a 2 part paid commission, ill scan the other half tomorrow...

did a rescan of craftsman, here it is

also..finished a sketch for the Adventures of Simion Lonewolf

yeah...look what i can do when i put my mind to it =)
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