October 22nd, 2002

Shabu Dog

oh..my....GOD animals have SO many uses!

okay that sounds horrible but i assure you this stuff was found and purchased legally. its only rabbit you guys!
i made this tonight...im gonna upload a bigger picture on VCL later:

and i posted it up for auction =) its really pretty IRL. i even stamped the back with a wolf howling at the moon...sorta like my sig for now ;)
its hanging on my wall as we speak. hope i get some bids though...


and jerry your commission has been moved to sketches cuz Ch'marr was being weird about the *noisy background* so sue me, i didnt use the "adjust contrast" button =P so it can be located here:

god i have so much stuff to do tonight.

Thanks Tiff for coming with me to run all those ridiculous errands! =D
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Shabu Dog

im going to throw up

okay..this is a severe and utter warning. do NOT ..i repeat do NOT go to www.truth.org. you know..the "anti-smoking" site?
it is so fucking disgusting! someone hacked into the site and now its nothing but disgusting mutilated people/people eating shit/chopped up body parts etc..
i seriously think im gonna be sick....

Thanks a lot Daison! *kicks* now im never gonna be the same!
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