October 28th, 2002

Shabu Dog

Please refrain from eating the wolves...

This is odd....

anyhoo, the halloween party was a blast! Tiff and i got there a bit late to decorate and Liz was there *she wasnt supposed to be home till later but meh...she helped us decorate.* problem is, were all insanely short so...hanging the streamers from the ceiling was a bit difficult. we had to use a spatula =P

i was having an off night that night. i made the spiderwebs chunky *ick* and i couldnt seem to untwist the streamers *sighs*

ah well, at least the food was good..this is all we had:

fall themed brownies
fall themed frosted cupcakes
pumpkin shaped peanut butter candies
marshmallow peeps in the shape of black cats and pumpkins
Ghost shaped cookies
Travis' moms special cheese and chicken enchiladas
Liz's cupcakes
and lots of other stuff, i just cant remember it all =P
Liz took some latex gloves from her work *washed of course...she works at the vet and that powder inside is nasty*
filled them up with punch, froze them, and when she made the punch she put the frozen red 'hands' in it and looked like there were bodyparts floating in our drink =D clever clever ;)

everyone who was invited came, and thats a first. we watched the 6th sense..that movie always makes me lonely though =*(

we WERE gonna do bobbing for apples, but Travis made a good point that the water we "bob" in gets full of everyones spit *yuck*, so i suggested we tie them to a string and hang them from something high. then Liz goes "well what about my braces?!"
so i thought....okay..no bobbing for apples..what about jumping for peaches?! then because peaches have fuzz it got changed to jumping for grapes. =P it didnt fly.

Liz had some old costumes in the garage so i put on this evil pumpkin mask and a fake plastic butt and we took some pics. LOL
ill have to get those back and scan em ;)

okie dokie well...i should be getting ready for school about now. yipes!
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Shabu Dog

bloobity blah blah blah

i had a good productive day today. =D
isnt that nice? hmm?

i also got to talk with tav from 3 to 6:30. long time right? hee hee
it was one of the best convo's ever!!
first we chatted on Wolfhome with Westly...then we made our own private room and kept clicking poses and being stupid =D
then we chatted on the phone and he teased me a lot and we made up really sad Hallmark cards...
this is one of his: *old woman standing in front of tombstone*
Its been awhile but the pain is still there *open*
Hes been dead for 10 years MOVE ON!

hes so evil i swear. but meh..all in good humor. mine were dumb like..:
(front) merry christmas...
(open) *picture of David Westerfield* and what would you like for christmas little girl?!

but i love Tav so much *mrrrrrs* then he told me how sweet and cute and adorable i am. just what i need to boost my ego =D

i read some more of my Adobe Illustrator book today. im gonna actually do stuff with the program later this week.

this month is so busy...grr.
ah well...

im gonna make a custom pendant cuz i have that $50 certificate to unicorn jewelry i should use. i gotta do it before halloween though *eeps*
and tomorrow i have to go to a college appointment. *rolls eyes*

okay..now im rambling..
love you Tav! *lick*

oh yes and XianJaguar's lesson for the day: Birds and Husbands dont mix... ;)
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