October 29th, 2002

Shabu Dog

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for those of you interested in reading another one of those little "all about me" survey deals *which im addicted to btw*
click below...
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Tiff and i went to the Art Institute today to apply. jeeze more expensive than i thought! 150 smackers for just an app! *keels over*
im never gonna survive.
according to Tiff i spoke very well and confidently. surprise surprise i was BSing a lot of my confidence. im good at that ;)
to be quite honest i think its a shoe-in though. the moment i said Tiff and i had college board portfolio grades, Grace's eyes lit up like *oh theres something you dont hear everyday, tell me more!* =P kinda makes me not feel so good about the other applicants.

i also ordered my class ring. hopefully succesfully. im a dork like that.

gonna go chat with Tav on the *home of the wolves* in a bit =D

i should be drawing...i dont want to *groan*
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