October 31st, 2002

Shabu Dog

yesterday was a good day and today was even better =D

heres what happened yesterday:

i had a $50 certificate to Unicorn Jewelry, couldnt decide on what to get. the lady told me about customized charms. i asked how much she said $65 bucks. SWEET! so im currently getting a customized "Thornwolf" logo charm made *grins*

got the rest of my archangel costume today. hope the whole thing looks good when put together. ;) will take pics i promise

ordered my class ring...was first in line and didnt have to wait. ill be getting it before christmas..

Had a great really long convo with Tav that was full of hilarity and surprise..*even moreso than usual*

now for all the good stuff that happened today:

It's Halloween, that should be enough ;)

Tappy Cat e-mailed me *i /love/ his artwork* and said he had stumbled onto my artwork and my journal and noticed that i had applied to the Art Institute. he was very kind and offered to help answer any questions =) im so lucky to know lots of people to give me input on that school...and the more people i talk to the more confident i feel. i just hope everything works out for the best, yanno?

Watched Rocky Horror Picture Show and could actually sing most of the lyrics....i dunno if thats a good thing though.

gonna be a kid and go Trick-Or-Treating. hey..im short, i can get away with it..and if anyone asks ill just say "im doing this for my daughter. she broke her leg and cant go out trick or treating..so yeah....candy for my daughter? *holds up bag*"
Thanks Mez for that one ;)

so yeah..im on cloud 9 right now *mrrrr*

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Shabu Dog

i am very angry at the moment

you know....this is my favorite holiday. all i want is to be able to go out and get free candy with my friends. is that too much to ask? WHY THE HELL IS IT SO HARD TO PLAN WITH MY FRIENDS?!!! it seems im the only one taking charge in making plans. Tiff made other plans ahead of time so this doesnt involve her but its always the same thing over and over and fucking over again with my other friends...here..cut and paste convo with CW:

NicoleSD: we make plans to go trick or treating..me..tiff..amy and travis
NicoleSD: tiff gets frustrated at me cuz i dontk now what time were going..it all depends on liz's working schedule
CWTyger: Well, that sucks . . .
NicoleSD: liz calls me..."oh i think they have me working till closing but thats wrong..so i dont know"
Nicole: then find out for sure
Liz: oh....okay ill call you back then
NicoleSD: she calls back..says she gets out at 5. good deal. i try calling travis...phonelines busy. i go online to see if hes there..not there...i cant get ahold of him for 3 hours
NicoleSD: i call tiff...she doesnt answer. i leave her a message
CWTyger: Wow. Rotten luck . . .
NicoleSD: liz calls back and tells me that she gets out at 5 for sure. i say call amy to tell her your plans so she can meet us later. she says "okay i will"
NicoleSD: liz just called me...said she just got off work
NicoleSD: i said..did you call amy? she goes...no i was gonna call her when i got home
NicoleSD: *grr*

NicoleSD: me: well that defeats the purpose of me having you call her doesnt it?
NicoleSD: liz: well i didnt have her number at work
NicoleSD: nicole: then why the fuck did you say "Okay i can call her" when you couldnt?!
NicoleSD: liz: i was at work
NicoleSD: nicole: i KNOW you were at work, but why didnt you just have me call her?
liz: id idnt think yuo had her number.
Nicole: well i do...and if oyu didnt have her number then why did you say you could call her?
liz: well i have her number at home
nicole: well thats pointless!
NicoleSD: so yeah..now amy probably made other plans. shes out..
NicoleSD: tiff hasnt called me back..shes probably out...
CWTyger: Sometimes it seems like you're the only intelligent one in the conversation.
NicoleSD: yeah. you think?
CWTyger: Perhaps tonight could still be salvaged? Somehow? I don't know how? :)
NicoleSD: then...i call travis and i say..so why has your phone been off the hook?
NicoleSD: he goes...cuz i was online. i said then why the fuck werent you on AIM? you told me to call you when i figured out the plans...did you NOT want me to be able to call you?
NicoleSD: travis: oh..yeah i didnt have AIM on. sorry. i just got offline
NicoleSD: nicole: so are you coming with us?
travis: i dont know i havent asked my parents yet
nicole: GRRRR!! why not?
NicoleSD: travis: cuz they told me to not bother them at work with stuff like this...and i dont have a costume...
nicole: so borrow one. i want candy
travis: yeha..im gonna have to
nicole: *tells the story of liz*
travis: seems you always get annoyed after talking with liz
nicole: yeah *only its you too...*
CWTyger: *Speechless stuttering, trying to think of something to say. So instead, he stuffs food in his mouth.*
NicoleSD: so now liz just now called me and said : amy's going trick or treating with kristen.
nicole: do they want to join us?
liz: theyre going in a different neighborhood
nicole: *angry at the fact that liz didnt call her earlier* fine. i gotta go...ill call you later

i have a quite a few more things to say about this but im gonna go grumble to myself and CW right now...*GRRS GRRS GRRS!!!*

maybe i should sit back and let chaos happen. my friends dont seem to care anyways. yeah..halloween is special. wee fun. its only my favorite holiday ever but..yanno..i can skip it this year...breaking my record. >=(
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Shabu Dog

successful evening

lots and LOTS of candy. everything worked out for the best in the end. as always it was just me, liz and travis. seems that whenever we all try to plan a group activity were the only ones that stick to the plan, but Tiff surprised us by taking time out of her busy schedule to at least take a gander at our costumes. she found us in an obscure part of the neighborhood and everything =D *hugs* thanks Tiff ;)that really means a lot that you made the effort to stick to what you said you were gonna do =D *its so rare when people do that these days...isnt it?*

people kept telling travis hes too old to be trick or treating...mainly cuz of his gargantuan size. hes really tall =P 6'2 240 lbs broad shouldered scary man related to genghis khan *i am NOT joking..hes white as white can be but hes a distant relative of khan*
my archangel costume was well loved by some guy dressed as a monk with a cross that read *INRI* around his neck =D he goes *are you an angel?* is aid yep...he goes *and is that your fiery sword?* i said yep...points to travis...*and that is the demon i shall slay...DIE! I SLAY THEE* (poke poke poke with a sword)

we went back to Liz's house and sorted out the candy. some old man had handed out these gourmet chocolates no one has ever heard of and i decided to try that first. i opened it up and the candy was all white inside..rotten looking. chocolate looks nasty when its rotten. im like...eeewwww. then i saw a maggot wiggling out from the center of the chocolate writhing and swaying as i looked on in horror. i flung the chocolate on the ground and started gagging. we threw it outside =P now THATS gourmet! luckily i examine everything before i eat it as an unconcious reaction to the time i had a maggot in my hersheys kiss....im so lucky i look at my food. blech! i had Liz paranoid and had to tell her the truth about chocolate...now THATS a story you dont wanna hear.

so then all three of us sat and talked about odd things and God knows what. those are the best convos ;)

Tavis dressed as his co-worker Joe Lewis. he dyed his hair like his, wore the same clothes and even the same lanyard keychain....he named himself Jovis Lewahunt *tavis delahunt+joe lewis) course it could be louis....but..people spell things weird.

so now im home and happy. halloween should be everyday *sighs*
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