November 4th, 2002

Shabu Dog

late night randomness

funny picture my friend drew...its me and her mate joking about how gryphons should not eat jujubees. sticky=not good for beaks =D

anyhoo...some interesting animal facts:

i DID NOT know this but hyena females are actually more masculine than the males and that they DO in fact have FALSE PENISES?! NO LIE! i saw with my own eyes! i was watching animal planet and was shocked and horrified at this news..but i realized that that explains a lot of the "hyena porno pics" in my wildlife books. those arent males..theyre...females =P icky poo
talk about butch ;)

you know my LJ icon that Kamotz made me where i wrote "Thorn the happy wuff" on it? yeah well..Tav LOVES it and finds ways to alter it depending on the situation: ahem ahem...

Tav:"are you Thorn the happy wuff?"
me: "grr"
Tav:ooo!! "Thorn the cranky wuff!"

me: i need a shower
Tav: Thorn the stinky wuff!!

me: *yawn*
Tav: is it Thorn the tired wuff?

me: ooOOooo jude law!
Tav: Thorn the yiffy wuff >=P

*snicker* jude law bah! i think when it comes to that hes Engel the jealous wuff...but hes also Engel the cuddly wuff =D besides i think i take the cake for when it comes to being jealous

me: any other girls who look at you flirty can die
Tav: Dont be Thorn the bitchy wuff =P

and now for Thorn's quote of the day *im gonna make these daily..or weekly..or whenever i feel like it*:

When life gives you lemons...BLAST THOSE LEMONS TO BITS WITH YOUR LASER CANNONS! ~The Brak Show

i thank you

~Thorn, the goofy as hell wuff
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Shabu Dog

this is too funny to NOT post!

CW and i had some fun with online madlibs =D


Once upon a time there has a young SHREW TAMER named TAVIS. He was QUICK CONVULSING in the YELLOWED forest when he met YIFFY TOM, a run-away JANITOR from the DELICIOUS Queen NICOLE.

TAVIS could see that YIFFY TOM was hungry so he reached into his TUPPERWARE and give him his BLOTCHY KUMQUAT. YIFFY TOM was thankful for TAVIS's KUMQUAT, so he told TAVIS a very CREAMY story about Queen NICOLE's daughter TIFFANY. How her mother, the DELICIOUS Queen NICOLE, kept her locked away in a PICKLED BEET FACTORY protected by a gigantic NAKED MOLE RAT, because TIFFANY was so STINKY.

TAVIS SNORTED. He vowed to YIFFY TOM the JANITOR that he would save the STINKY TIFFANY. He would STOMP the NAKED MOLE RAT, and take TIFFANY far away from her eveil mother, the DELICIOUS Queen NICOLE, and BARF her.

Then, all of the sudden, there was a MOIST SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION and YIFFY TOM the JANITOR began to laugh. With a puff of smoke he turned into the gigantic NAKED MOLE RAT from his story. DELICIOUS Queen NICOLE FARTED out from behind a TOASTER and struck TAVIS dead. In the far off PICKLED BEET FACTORY you could hear a SPLORT.


Make your own Fairy Tale at

*laughs so hard she just about pees her pants*
at least im delicious!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

in other gonna quote Reese Roper from Five Iron Frenzy when i say,
"i dont care WHAT the Supertones said, SKA is not a verb. you can SKANK, but you cant SKA"
now lets be like the Supertones and SKA SKA SKA SKA!!

I am 51% Ska

Well, maybe I'm trying too hard, maybe I'm not trying hard enough. I shouldn't forget my roots, and remember that punk and reggae wouldn't exist without ska.

Take the Ska Test at

Tavis, take this, youll get a MUCH better score than me i assure you. between the two of us we are the ultimate rude boy *er....person?*

*holds up her checkered wallet wearing her checkered backpack and skanks around in her checkered laced Chucks*
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Shabu Dog


*sigh* reading a few weeks worth of Faux Pas =) hopefully Randy will finally understand Cindy has a crush on him *snicker*

LOVE that comic =D

as for today, im home sick. felt a bit feverish and easily nauseated today. dunno why. nerves perhaps? the fact that i didnt do my homework? maybe....all i know is i was feeling really sick this weekend anyhow, so its not like its just a *woke up this morning feeling gross* thing.

left tav a message, hopefully hell get it soon. im rather lonely. i hate sick days as much as i love them. i dont have to go to school and i get a lot of alone time..but then again, nothings on tv and i often get TOO MUCH alone time =P

good things are not without their downsides. i think im gonna go draw some stuff. for ME this time. scouts honor this time =P
and no wolfhome poses *groans*
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Shabu Dog

poor snails, do they feel pain?

why do i scream everytime i step on a snail? theyre so cute i feel so bad im crushing their little bodies! =*(

POOR SNAILS! its your fault for sitting on the sidewalk in the dark. *is sad now*

made some little videos for wuffy. i didnt know my digital camera could make little movies =) kewl!