November 8th, 2002

Shabu Dog

Nice work, BoneDaddy

well, i finally got the DVD player on my computer to work. thank you tech support!
wow, this monitor is great. the colors on nightmare before christmas look even more dismal than they do on my TV *thats a good thing....*
well im home sick again for the SECOND TIME IN A ROW! this sux butt. i hate feeling crummy. its one thing if i get to feel good and stay home, but if im stuck in bed then thats a bad thing. blah. maybe ill improve my drawing skills. last night was disappointing, and i do mean disappointing.
also, adult swim wasnt on last night. WHAT GIVES? i was looking forward to Rejected, Oblongs and Harvey Birdman *whine*

omg...VCL does not care about art anymore. yesterday i saw puffballs with stick arms and legs. thats supposed to be art. LOL horrible, horrible.

im gonna go watch my DVD now and bug Tav
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Shabu Dog

GRR sometimes i hate myself

why is it that whenever i get bored or lonely i get creepy and freak people out? grr!

i need to really stop doing that. its really hurt me a lot in the past but sometimes i just cant controll it. when i care, i care wholeheartedly and sometimes i have to put my "caring side" on a leash. thats tough to do let me tell you.

the wind is scary outside, its making a ghostly whistle and its raining. i dont think ill go out there today 0_o

Thorn the Scary Wuff
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Shabu Dog


well, despite my rainy day blues i somehow managed to get a few things done. after months of waiting i finally finished half of my trade with Kitsune25. This is her new character Colin..handsome isnt he?

if that image doesnt work just go to this URL

aside from that i was browsing through and found some interesting pictures that inspired me to draw a were coyote releasing a mourning dove. id like some crits on this please as i am quite horrible at drawing weres

i also am working on a little 9 month anniversary present for Tav. im not telling anyone what it is though for fear they might tell =D or afraid of telling anyone cuz /i/ cant keep presents a secret. some of you know that for a fact =P

gonna go post on Oakies forums. hopefully people wont be TOO brutal with their crits, but i need help.
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Shabu Dog

this is amusing

i go to the Yerf forums, long time lurker first time poster, and i notice one of the shoddy artists from Oakies forums is giving critiques =P


hell, i dont even consider myself one to judge but...ah well.

like my new icon? Xian made the pic for me...Simion cropped it for me, i added text >=D
dontcha just love group efforts?
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Shabu Dog


i almost burned the house down with a hamburger bun.
word to the wise...never force an object too big for the toaster INTO the toaster. fire will result...oooo that toaster is a wiley one. i have scars to show the many times it has fooled me with its trickery. ill get stupid appliance >=(
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