November 11th, 2002

Shabu Dog

GRR for the last time

My Journal is going to go primarily "friends only"

im sick of my parents reading it when they say they wouldnt! am i not allowed to vent on my own? god..if i wanna vent to you ill tell you. promised me youd never read it again.

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Shabu Dog

wow, big changes ahead

i just put together my computer desk and carted out my old one by myself. fun stuff...especially when it doesnt fit through the door =P

on another minor note, im moving out of my moms house ASAP. its final. im moving in with my grandma. ill get to have my dog back, ill get my own room, my own bathroom, run of the house *and its a good sized house* and ill get to keep grandma company. and its not much farther from school than my moms house so its not much of a change. mom will be rid of me, ill be rid of mom, ill get to see dad more. its a win win situation. plus grandma can get rid of my leech uncle and ill at least help her with the groceries. i dont mind it really at all...its nice that shes letting me stay there.

this arrangement should last me through at LEAST the beginning part of college until i can afford a place on my own or make other plans. i think this is good for some stability in my life. i just cant wait to move...i gotta get out of here.

on the good room is much bigger now that the other computer desk is out. it was funny..mike came home saw me collapsed on the couch and this big huge computer desk in the livingroom, hes like "what happened?!"

Tiffs happy for me...i just hope she somehow gets a good arrangement going. i know she cant stand her parents right now. best of luck to her =D
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