December 1st, 2002

Shabu Dog


im going stir crazy, why is it nothing i drew today came out right? i must have drawn and redrawn simions commission 6 times. i did, im counting them right now and they all suck!!!! grr! thats gonna get this right if it kills me.

on another note i have absolutely no money for christmas presents. my only hope is to put up more auctions and/or collect the money people owe me. *sighs*
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Shabu Dog

i hate monkeys

there. i said it. i think thats the one animal i dont like. well...mammal at least. ironically enough theyre too human like for me. the only monkey/ape i like are gorillas, other than that they all suck. well..tamarins i guess are okay. lemurs of any sort are fine with me. i just hate..monkeys in general. that goes for your chimps too. *yuck*