December 2nd, 2002

Shabu Dog

i feel pretty!

this is the first time in my life where i couldnt decide what to wear not because i didnt have anything to wear...but because i had too much to choose from! =D
and i look dead sexy, WOO HOO!

i should shop more often. *takes tags off her clothes*
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Shabu Dog

thanks Tiff

A true friend is one who will pull the sticker off the back of your new jeans after youve been walking around in them all day unaware and no one else said anything.
at least the whole school now knows i wear a size 3 and that i do in fact have a figure.
thanks Tiff. *feels sheepish* lol
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Shabu Dog

even more holiday deals

heres whats up for grabs this time:

a demonic necklace whos eyes light up...great to wear, as a gift, or even use in your own projects. its quite nifty. its located here:

or a set of 3 original dragon sketches plus a dragon face print located here:

if youre interested please post your offer up on the forums or contact me through LJ and ill post it for you. its up for cash/trade or a little of both =)
no art trades though sorry. i have enough art for now ;)

hope someones interested! i personally think that necklace is pretty nifty...i mean..come lights up!
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Shabu Dog

another survey. *yawn*

Spell your first name backwards: Flownroht or Elocin
The story behind your LJ user name: its my online fursona username. my actual fursona's name is Thorn.
How old?: 17

Where do you live?: im a Cali gal
4 words that sum you up: artistic, romantic, loyal, cuddly

Wallet---------black and white checkered like everything else i own
Jewelry--------a thornwolf symbol charm on a necklace, tavis' gold ring, a ball chain necklace and 2 entwined punk bracelets i never take off
Coffee cup---- anything the starbucks man gives me
Underwear----- THONG!
Shoes-------birkenstocks and converse..with black and white checkered laces
Handbag------grey and black canvas. my backpack is black and white checkered, done by yours truly =)
Favorite top-------i have quite a few and yes katarina i love the boob controll tank tops =)
Favorite pants-----stretch jeans. theyre sexay!
Cologne/Perfume---------sun moon and stars and paloma picasso
CD in stereo right now-------Nightmare Before Christmas
What you are wearing now---------new socks, stretch jeans, grey turtleneck, thornwolf charm
Makeup--------foundation, eyeliner, lipstick and eyeshadow. the key is to look like youre not wearing any though
Something that you are deathly afraid of?: the apocolypse and all that implies.

Do you like candles: i like incense better
Do you like hot wax:
Do you like incense: hell yeah! i burn it everyday =)
Do you believe in love: yep. still am
Do you believe in soul mates: Yes
Do you believe in forgiveness: Yup
Do you believe in God: Definitely
Who is your worst enemy? Satan and all his helpers...which includes several people ive had the displeasure of knowing

SMILED? couple minutes ago. When Tiff's happy im happy
LAUGHED? mom made me laugh
CRIED? last week, had a fight with dad
BOUGHT SOMETHING? starbucks. its a bare necessity
DANCED? i dont dance
WERE SARCASTIC? when am i not?
LAST SONG YOU HEARD? Offspring - self esteem
LAST THING YOU HAD TO DRINK? sparkling cider. its addictive
LAST THING YOU ATE? icky salmon with icky pasta drenched in icky lemon juice. *too sour for me to enjoy even though i LOVE lemon and LOVE pasta and LOVE salmon*

~DO YOU...~
LIVE IN THE MOMENT? sure. why not
HAD A DREAM THAT KEEPS COMING BACK? in different forms yes. the one where someone pisses me off, i go to punch them or kick them..and it feels like im kicking them underwater and i cant get enough force into it. then they laugh at me and im sad. i hate that one.
PLAY AN INSTRUMENT? eh...gave up on everything
BELIEVE THERE IS LIFE ON OTHER PLANETS? life...yes. intelligent life...thats a stretch
STILL LOVE THEM? enough to not hurt him and be glad that he knows he blew it and now i have someone better =D
READ THE NEWSPAPER? no. TV is my friend and newsprint gets dirt and ink all over my grubby little paws.
HAVE ANY GAY OR LESBIAN FRIENDS? Rommel, Em, and some others im not sure of.
HAVE A FAVORITE CANDY? jelly bellies, violet crumble, caramello, reeses....mmmm candy. *is slapped by Tiffany* I KNOW I KNOW!
BELIEVE IN MAGIC? if the music is right
TALK TO STRANGERS WHO IM YOU? its amusing sometimes but otherwise annoying
WEAR HATS? i find no need for them
HATE YOURSELF? sometimes when im the time?
HAVE A SECRET CRUSH? on sparky. or maybe thats what my dreams are telling me.
COLLECT ANYTHING? wolves and plushies and tasmanian tigers

- be like: Tim Burton
- hear from: Tim Burton
- look like: Tim Burton *no just kidding..hes uggy*
- kill: the umpire?

- food: italian and japanese
- drink: shirley temple, orange soda, grape juice, milk, sparkling cider
- color: Royal Blue
- album: "upbeats and beatdowns"- Five Iron Frenzy
- shoes: black converse
- site: and
- song: Adios - Rammstein
- vegetable: artichokes
- fruit: anything of the berry variety
- last movie you saw: "The Temptations" a biography about the music group. its a movie. a very good one.
- last person you kissed: Tavis.
- last thing you said: audibly, "i like my room this way" referring to the insane mess
- last person you talked to online: talking to tavis now
- go to or plan to go to college: JC then an art school
- have a degree: no
- have a "hot spot": put me in the microwave and my whole body will be a hot spot
- believe in witches: real ones exist..but none of this "are you a good witch or a bad witch" crap
- trust others easily: too easily
- kiss with your eyes closed: its polite

yep. viola
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