December 6th, 2002

Shabu Dog

yay! something good!

i got my class ring today! WOO HOO! they said id get it sometime around christmas and i thought mom was gonna have to FedEx it to me in NY, but it came!
its silver and has a light blue oval stone and one side has a bucking bronco *our mascot* and the year 2003 on it and the other side has "Nicole" and has a paint brush and pallette logo and the inside has "L. Nicole Dornsife" written in script. =D

pretty pretty pretty!

i also got some liquid liner at Tiffany's suggestion. must say, i like it =)
i think my new years resolution is gonna be "going to take more pride in my appearance."
sounds like a good one, cuz lately ive been letting myself go downhill.
tomorrow im getting my hair dyed again, and i gotta figure out something pretty to do with wavy hair aside from my usual straightening it. id like to do something with my waves/curls, but what? i dont know.
maybe just put rollers in to at least tame them. any ideas/suggestions?

making LOTS of progress on Tav's parents present. im really proud of myself for actually working on sorta under the gun, as well as with other things.
all i need to do is get some black and white acrylic paint. maybe i can borrow some from Snid's room or something. i dont have the money to go out and purchase a whole thing of it...although i think they have really teeny bottles of it. hrms.
anyone got any acrylic paint they have no use for? ill buy it off ya =D a lazy wuff...a lazy broke wuff.
gonna go work on the owls some more.
"Peace in the Desert" and various commissions are being put on hold, except Mr. Anella's classroom children and Simion's illustration of course. those are on a "need to finish" basis.
Shabu Dog

SCREE!! Im a barn owl!

updates on the owl pic as promised *well...i promised Engel at least*
here it is watercolored and im just now adding colored pencil. may add some pen and some acrylic paint to it as well.

if anyone has tips on adding detail to the feathers, by all means, id love to hear them. the thing is i used a colorless blender on parts of the owl on the im worried about things not sticking *ie: pen wiping off*

open to all suggestions..but only as long as i can apply it to this work in progress.
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Shabu Dog


my tummy hurts really bad. shouldnt have had those cookies
im becoming a sugarholic. this happens every winter when i gain my winter weight. i just cant help my appetite! it goes away in spring..but for some reason im always ravenous fall through winter. *sighs*

*munches on tums*
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