December 7th, 2002

Shabu Dog


i went to a christmas dinner with mom at her church tonight. it was very clever. every person who wanted to host a table decorated the table with their own personal stuff and some people had some extremely fancy tables!
gave me some mondo inspiration. i think the next time tav comes out here well have a pack dinner party and do the huge decorations and nice dinner and everything. i really wanna host a dinner party. hrm....will have to start thinking about ideas and whatnot =D

my puppy Tavy is so sweet. sadly his present still hasnt arrived in the mail yet. even though i know what it is. Tav got me like a billion emergency passes for his theatre, which means i dont have to pay for a movie for the next few months, YAY!
oopsie he called...gotta go talk to him now ...YAY! mine!
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