December 28th, 2002

Shabu Dog

artsy thoughts

Tavis is at work right now and i decided to stay home once again. im gonna hang out with him at work tomorrow.

we saw Gangs Of New York last night.
My Review:
wonderful set design and costume design, no doubt there will be an oscar nomination for the costumes, but the plot had a lot of holes and led nowhere often. the plot often made no sense and there were a lot of questions that had yet to be answered by the time it was over. im sure there are a lot of deleted scenes on the editing room floor that would have made the whole movie make perfect sense, but i guess well have to wait until the DVD comes out to really know what was going on through that 3 hour monstrosity. my favorite character was Bill "The Butcher" Cutter...the bad guy. he was awesome, so if you see it for nothing else, see it for him. but overall, would i see it again? no. it exaggerated way too much, too much to be serious, not enough to be like Moulin Rouge which made for a very confusing and often times redundant storyline. it sucked. nuff said

one minor note though, one of the names mentioned when they were issuing the draft for the Civil War in the movie, they shouted out the name of Tavis' grandfather. odd huh?

i think im gonna go upstairs and watch Army of Darkness and draw a few pictures, but im kinda depressed. when i try to draw my own characters, i cant. i want to do a design sheet for them but im not sure how to draw them anymore its been so long =( *sigh*
hopefully with enough practice ill get it right. I tried to update Dante to look more like Tavis does now with his longer hair and scruffier facial hair...but it didnt work out so well. ah well..ill test it out a bit. as for Niko im sure i could do something nice with her to make her look like me. keep in mind...Niko IS me. Thorn isnt..nor is Thorn what i wish i was. shes just..a pinup character and an alter ego. Niko is sorta....the artist behind it all i guess? =)

being random....gonna draw while the inspiration is still there.
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