January 17th, 2003

Shabu Dog

wee fun

drug dogs came into my photo class today. didnt find anything. *damn* i cant stand the kids in my photo class (theyre druggies, most of em). thank god i wont be taking that class again.

wore my "Greg Sucks" t-shirt today. thank you Greggy for making me that shirt. *grins*

got to talk to Tiff today after a long time of her being too busy to hang out, which is TOTALLY understandable. i remember when i was in AP class for the first time *shes taking 2 years of it, i only took one* and i thought i had no life THEN, but she has even MORE projects to do than last year. =( at least ill get to see her sunday *hugs Tiff* love ya puff puff =)
its national portfolio day on sunday and i get to go back to the laguna college of art and design to show my shiznit. maybe ill see Mr. Stubbs there and ask him if he even DID check out my VCL site to crit my anatomy. i was doing really well there while i was in his class learning anatomy every day but each day im not learning it, i forget something and so its been going downhill =P blah. i need to get my anatomy books back AND MY DOGMA DVD back from my ex-friend Remy. *poop* she didnt even have to be my ex friend. she just flat out one day sent me one of those "all about me" survey e-mail things and had filled out almost everything relating to how much i suck. like *what color are your eyes? : brown. unlike that bitch nicoles theyre BLOOOO!!!* or somethin like that..not exactly..but you get the idea. sounds like the way Branden dumped me. hrm..history repeats itself?

ah well, im happy now =) i just want my Dogma back.

oh yeah, moms going out of town saturday, wanted to have a get together with my buds but NO ONES AVAILABLE!! looks like its gonna be me, travis and liz once again, hopefully amy will come over. DONT MAKE PLANS AMY!
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Shabu Dog


paul keep an eye out in your mailbox for a money order.

and Tavis wanted me to post this in case Paul screened it...but this is what he posted to Paul:

Ok, you know what? I hope you don't mind people never trusting you again, cause that's what your bringing upon your self... We all know you deleted Corsac post And that DC Mirror Eyes and Kahateni Coyote both attempted to post, but you didn't approve them. So, how about this? Nicole is a 17 year old girl. Your a 25 year old man. Your $15 is already headed back to you, so drop it, or harassment charges will be brought up. Yes, I am threatening you. So what? Now lets see if you let this post on your LJ... It will already be on Nicole's.

granted, ive been acting like a child. and im sorry for that. i am 17 but i still have a lot to learn in making the transition from childhood to adulthood. but paul is 25 or so and has made that transition a long time ago. perhaps we both need to realize that this is stupid and childish
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