January 18th, 2003

Shabu Dog

i feel useful

its nice to know people trust my opinion. today i helped the fantastic and awesome XianJaguar think of a color scheme for the background of her latest pic, "First Flight" its beautiful, look for it at FC it will blow your mind =)

also, gave Reaper a redline for one of her latest watercolors and helped her realize that HER ART DOES NOT SUCK! it is great and i love it =) so keep up the great work, Reaper =D

wow. i feel good now. and i love perriwinkle for which reason i do not know.
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Shabu Dog

were on our way! sort of

okay so i got one EZ Board personal pic commission from Mirror Eyes so thats $8 closer to Rogue's goal for her operation *DC, do you have any refs i can look at?* Thanks you for your support =D

remember, you commission me to do a personal pic, i send the money to Rogue for her operation. *beg beg*

hope selly is doing well with her fund raisers too
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