January 20th, 2003

Shabu Dog

something for artists to think about

whats the difference between a friend and a fan? some people are definite friends ie: Xian, Kat and Reaper just to name a couple, but ive really been wondering lately. ive met Xian in person, Kat and i chat nearly every day about thongs and crazy stuff and Reaper and i are always talking about god knows what...and its fun. but most of the people on my LJ "friends" list i have never even heard of/spoken to on a forum, IM, wolfhome, e-mail whatever. some may just be fans, who i appreciate very much, and some just may be well wishers, etc etc, but most of whichi have never talked to. i think im gonna do some friends list editing. please dont take it personally, i think i just need to narrow it down, and perhaps this will give you a chance to get to know me better by talking to me rather than reading my LJ? you know where to reach me...
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Shabu Dog

wow, we can cook!

Liz and Amy came over today and we decided to cook. we ended up making these little fish roll things with pasta. the fish was sole and we had breadcrumbs, sauteed onions, paprika, basil, salt, pepper and seasoned salt, and we put butter on it and baked it in the oven. the pasta i made up, i just grabbed some bowtie pasta, made the sauce with alfredo sauce, mozzerella cheese, basil, seasoned salt little bit of pepper and viola, cheese-o-licious and creamy =) *mmmmm*

while we ate we watched clerks and later on we went to 7-11, grabbed some violet crumbles, donuts, nesquik and slurpees and watched 2 of the clerks cartoons *episodes one and 2* btw...double chocolate nesquik is excellent with violet crumbles *drool* i have 2 and i have one more left to snack on tomorrow =D

now im gonna have a phone date with Tav in a few minutes. we dedicated the rest of the evening to talk together and unwind. *mrrr*
its been a good day =)

next time amy, liz and i get together were doing sushi and watching mallrats. *wags*
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Shabu Dog


i wish i was going to FC. the more i read about it the more depressed i get. i feel that im the only one whos not going. well..me Engel and Reaper....but thats it. *sigh* we should throw ourselves a pity party. whens the next con in Cali? anything in SD? what about the Philly one..when and where is that? *needs input*

FC Vixen Status:

Xian, today was a holiday and apparently postal workers dont like to work on holidays =P, im assuming its going out tomorrow. i tried to keep it as stiff as possible but its got bubble wrap and cardboard in it cuz the place ran out of the larger variety photomailers *grrs*
if something happens to it (God forbid) i got a back up, no worries.

ugh, someones sucking up to me ATM...*puts away message on*
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Shabu Dog

dang it

ah well, looks like my vixen taur original wont make it to FC this year, but its okay, prints will be available at ConFurence God willing. stupid Martin Luther King Jr. his b-day is in february, why does he have his "own special day" in january?!
Thanks XJ and have a fun and safe trip!

*goes back to moping around the house*
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Shabu Dog

Hookt on Photoshop Werked fur meee!

I think ive gotten Tav addicted to photoshop. he had asked me to draw this character hes been coming up with for a few days, and after much revision i came up with this:

then, he sent me the colors he wanted and i did a quick little comp *and yes that is eyeshadow*

so were still working on the design, meanwhile tav is playing with the spray paint tool and is in awe. *grins* this is really really fun =D
i love it when we make characters together.
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