January 24th, 2003

Shabu Dog

commissiony goodness

finished inking Michele's commission, going to scan, edit and send a pic to him before i add color. where the hell as he been? havent seen him online in days. hrm. Michele respond if youre reading this.

right now im gonna go sketch out Fen's commission. Damn girl! find a hard enough dwaggin species? lol! ill give it a shot though =)do you want them doing anything in particular?

still working on EZ Board pics and wolfhome poses as well as some surprises so keep an eye out!
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Shabu Dog

Thank you Ebony!!!

i commissioned Ebony Tigress to make me a wolfhome pose, isnt she awesome?

Eb please let me know if you dont want me to link to it i just had to show it off though =)

in other news, did some prelim sketch of Fen, not turning out the way i want, so im gonna experiment with some poses. Fen youll get all prelim sketches included with final pic just so ya know. i always enjoy looking at the thought process so i thought you may like it too =)

*holds head* ugh..still not feeling too good. i tried eating something, drinking something, taking pills, but i still have a headache. *whine*
i think im gonna go to bed. im not in the best of moods anyhow.
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