January 28th, 2003

Shabu Dog

i feel happy

today was my first day of class. and needless to say it wasnt without its charms.
travis and i went shopping today for some presents for Tav. get this, his birthday is the 7th, valentines day is the 14th, and our one year anniversary is on the 27th of this month. not to mention my friend Liz's birthday is on the 20th, and Amy's boyfriends birthday is on the 7th as well. GAH! so much money to spend!
ah well. heres the status on Tav's presents * i wont say what i got him until they reach him*

Birthday: 2 big gifts, one expensive one semi expensive
one smaller cuter gift, and 2 trinkets i thought he might enjoy with a total of 5 presents for his birthday.

Valentines day: one cute gift
one..i dont know if its cute or what gift
and one gift i think he might enjoy, yet im still looking. *oh im horrible at keeping secrets
yet i still need to find something decent for our anniversary. im horrible at these things. im one whos into lots of little meaningful things. i rarely give/expect to get big expensive presents *cept now im getting more into it...pressure..PRESSURE!* and im not good at shopping for guys. so if anyone has any cute ideas, please e-mail them to me =) *dont post on my LJ cuz he reads here*

*has the urge to go shop some more but wishes she could afford the one thing he really wants to get*
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Shabu Dog

i feel sick

i felt sick and fell asleep during the presidents state of the union speech and decided to go to bed at 6:45. i was woken up at 8:40 by someone calling my personal line out of breath and calling me "diana" and telling me their life story without letting me tell them "you have the wrong number" grr!! now i feel like im gonna throw up. blech
talking to XianJaguar now. *mrr!* too bad she didnt do so great at the Con, i dont think anyone aside from goldenwolf really did thoug. *sighs* doesnt give me much hope =P ah well. ill just keep drawin! and i have awhile till the next one i can go to =)
i think im gonna go to Comic Con instead of AC this year. mmm comics. *drool* besides, i have little preparation time.
okay..just rambling