January 31st, 2003

Shabu Dog


now that Tiffany is up to date on all the happenings going on in my life, i can now say that im just as bored as she is *scrolls through friends LJ's*
this computer class is really cramping my style, after all most of it is just review *this is a window. this is why the program is called windows* but at least i get to use the internet.

ill write more later when im not so hungry and irritable.
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Shabu Dog


i am soooooo sick. like miserable sick. this morning i couldnt talk at all. still went to school. my nose felt like it was melting. literally =P gah! *ACHOO!*
i had a pretty good day though. had some good laughs with my friends. got home and talked to tav. i love it when he pities me, hes so loving and sweet =) he insisted i take a nap, so i made myself some nice hot green tea with honey, took some nyquil and i was out like a light. *mrr* great sleep. it would have been better if mike didnt keep waking me up. >=/ he angers me with how insensitive he is towards me and my sleeping habits. sure he treats mom okay, but im here more than she is.
been e-mailing Reno back and forth. she e-mailed me back and basically apologized. salright i suppose. i dont think i deserve getting bitched at for calmly talking about character design. after all, i e-mailed Talathia Darksong about one of her character designs and discussed it and she was very sweet about it =) *wags*
im feeling a little better...LITTLE...better. Tiff wants to go out tonight, she didnt know i was sick. apparently i sounded fine at lunch..*Thats cuz lunch cheers me up* =) so well hang out for a bit but if i start feeling really icky again im gonna have to cut things short and take some more nyquil.
i read that Kyoht is changing her middle name to Kyoht. thats quite fascinating, and not to mention a good idea. then i thought..what if i changed my first name to Thorn? after all, i hate my first name, Lauren. but it sounds good with Lauren Nicole. but Thorn Nicole sounds good too. eh. i know if i did that though id be called Thorn all the time and there would BE no more Nicole. i think ill stay the way my parents named me. Thorn is a good nickname anyhow and i answer to just about anything =P
well i think im gonna go freshen up a bit. i cant smell a thing but im sure i stink *blech!* im a stinky puppy =D
*cough cough cough* unnngh. and why does my "sick" icon make me look like im throwing up? im NOT throwing up. i have a cold! =P
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