February 1st, 2003

Shabu Dog


im still deathly ill. im supposed to see my moms mom today, cuz i havent seen her in like, a year and she only lives an hour and a half away. everytime we go to see her, something comes up that i cant go. now im the sickest ive been in awhile. i have a fever. i cant talk. i cant breathe. *unnnngh* its like the cold from hell or something. i mean, who voluntarily wakes up at 7:15 AM??! i know i dont! especially after i went to bed at midnight last night. is hould have taken more nyquil but that stuff, if i take too much, will literally knock me out for days. once i had to stay home from school after taking some cuz i seriously couldnt move or stay awake long enough to speak.

i was thinking, when people draw something, do you guys ever have a favorite part of the drawing? for instance...say i draw a cheetah but my favorite part of the drawing is his chest area. i do that a lot, and its always a small section, like i love the paws or something. my favorite part on my "peace in the desert" pic is the yotes forehead =P its kind of an interesting concept.

Tiff came over last night and we got some ice cream, subway sandwiches and rented some movies. we started watching "Friday", but realized it was a black version of "Clerks" only it sucked, so after the first 10-15 minutes we took it out and put in "SouthPark the movie"

i dont know why i just thought of this but yesterday my english teacher was talking about racial stereotypes and she said that when she was teaching at another school she was assigning a project that involved finding out a favorite food that certain races eat. shes black, and this one little freshman raised his hand and said "i know what your favorite food is!! watermelon and friiiiieeeeed chicken!" 0_o NOT a good idea but it was SO FUNNY when she was telling it to us. shes like "um. no. actually..um..ugh." hee hee, i love mrs. faulk. =D she calls me robin hood cuz she says i look like a cartoon fox (well, when i had my red hair and always wore my sweatshirt hood). =P at least she kinda knows what a fur is haha!

so i have to do this project i need to do to find out all about Chinese Americans and stuff. im gonna interview Tiff's mom. should be fun =)

okay, feelin sick again. i think im gonna go bundle up and take some pain reliever. i wish we had some dayquil. *cough cough snort*
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Shabu Dog


first one i ever drew. it was inspired by XianJaguar's cute little pin up chars she always draws, and thanks so much for the help Xian! i really love the way the hair turned out ;)

i also scanned Michele's inked commission, im gonna color it some today. Silver, can i e-mail the inked version to you so you can put it up in your fanart section por favor? muchas gracias mi amiga =)

being sick = productive! =D
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Shabu Dog

yay for me im perfect!

You're Perfect ^^
-Perfect- You're the perfect girlfriend. Which
means you're rare or that you cheated :P You're
the kind of chick that can hang out with your
boyfriend's friends and be silly. You don't
care about presents or about going to fancy
placed. Hell, just hang out. You're just happy
being around your boyfriend.

What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

i didnt cheat, and im more stupid than silly around his friends, and yes i care about presents to some degree. but at least im perfect and thats all that matters *nudges tavis* appreciate me or else ;) nah..he does. *snuggles her wiggly pup* smoochie smoochie =D

i just took a really long Nyquil induced nap. not my best, but good enough. mom has me doing loads of laundry but our drier just isnt drying stuff. *picks up soggy towels* blech =P

at least i got a lot done today, and im just getting started.

mom was pissed that i couldnt go with her to see nana *yeah like its my fault i got sick*
but i said id go see her on my own next weekend. i dont wana spend the night though. for some reason i really dont like spending the night at either of my grandparents' houses.

i miss my tavy wavy. he called me a little bit ago, but hes at work right now and i dont wanna bug him. hes been so sweet. hes always sweet though. i cant wait till he gets my presents so i can say what i got him on my LJ =D

im gonna go work on some commissions now. JerryLeeps i still need a reference pic for your char.
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Shabu Dog


so...cold...so very very cold....my temperature is 96.4 and dropping. i dont know why! with my luck i probably have the deadly motaba virus. stupid monkeys. damn them all to hell. *in best charlton heston voice she can muster at this moment*
ive been curled up under a blanket allnight long, keeping warm, rubbing body parts together to create friction....*shivers* im so cold....
i hate being sick. maybe drawing more can help. this is the sickest ive been in awhile and its just a cold i think. *whines*
tavis should be home in a few. *ACHOO* it hurts to breathe...
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