February 4th, 2003

Shabu Dog

im slowly but surely losing my mind...

and i have comic books to thank for that. yep, took a trip to a comic shop in my job search run today, got a bit inspired with my microns. done COMPLETELY with the 005 size. *ouch...pain in my GLAVIN!*


The VCL uploader really butchered it.
dont like the face, love the upper torso. remember kids..MORE DOES NOT MEAN BETTER! especially with pens. ive made that mistake many a time. =P ah well, for a little doodle i kinda like it =) i should start drawing humans again maybe...whaddaya say?

watched The Man Show tonight. yeah..i know..im a girl but i LOVE the show =D
'tis quite funny ;) and i have to say the juggies give me lots of art ideas. YES! I SWEAR! you should try watching it sometime. though i dont like boobs flying all over the place its quite inspiring.

okay, gonna rest my tired bones. yes its early (for me) but i have SKEWL in the mornin'. gonna wait for my man to get done playing with his rocket car. yes..he made a rocket car *shudders* dont ask...


ill get the neosporin dear.

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