February 9th, 2003

Shabu Dog

a question for you east coasters out there

Hey there, i just was wondering....how many of you furs/weres out there can easily access Staten Island, NY. like say, if we all had a big meet up. Tav and i had this idea about getting all the NY, NJ, CT, PA and all around those areas weres/furs together and hanging out, having a party, you know, whatever. tails and ears welcome. we dont know when or where wed do it, id need some help with that, but please, lemme know, and if anyone has some ideas, im open to suggestion.

its just a thought... =)
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Shabu Dog

im taking a break

okay. stressful day. im gonna take some time to draw for ME tonight. no one else..ME. commissions will start back up again tomorrow.
oh and Westly, how are those poses coming along? *doesnt mean to be a nag*