February 11th, 2003

Shabu Dog

*whew* what a relief

i had a crappy night, as you know. didnt sleep a wink half because of Tav and half because my stupid mattress hurts my back! grrs.

and of course, it decided to rain cats and dogs today. i go down to the car and who calls? Tav saying he got all 14 of my messages. apparently he had gone to sleep really early and left his phone downstairs =P god i feel sorry for his brother if he heard it ringing all last night.

i told mom i need a new bed. shes like *well talk about it* like its some huge step! im being crippled cuz of my mattress..and its not important?! sheesh!
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Shabu Dog

Kyoldie rip?

i hate how if you wanna draw a were or something its always gonna look like a kyoldie rip. poop!

please for the love of god tell me that i have a style...of my own....i swear to dog im not trying to copy them but whenever i try a certain technique its like *hrm...im gonna get flamed by their little followers* i hate having to watch my step. quite honestly i dont think it or any of my other stuff looks anything like theirs but to those little sprats out there, who knows. its realistic, its a were...it MUST be a rip.


the VCL uploader made it so you cant see the detail in her fur. *kicks* is the YNA one better?

i doodled this in animation. yes. i didnt feel like animating today. =P i really wanna finish it though. just in time for valentines day? hrms...mebbe. this falls under the category of *drawing for me...not you or auctions or whatever* who says i dont draw for the love of it anymore? I LOVE TO DRAW!

im gonna go relax. i got rained on. hard. i smell and look like a wet dog *shakes*
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Shabu Dog

did someone say *drool*??

okay..sitting here chatting with Snow, listening to her Balto MIDIS and i must say, im practically in tears with how well made these are! i remember hearing one or two of em awhile back....but man oh man......these are so beautiful!

we then talked about how awhile back i had an idea for a Balto Video Game and all wed need is someone to do the programming and whatnot, cuz i got the layout *i gotta organize it all again* and Snow's got the music skillz. man..that would rock! anyone out there know how to do it?

as i told her, if i ever make a full length animated feature id have her do the music...or...better yet! we have to have original music for our animation class...*ponders* oo la la!

now im all excited and stuff =D
You Rock Snow!
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Shabu Dog

a question for yerfers and yerf experts

okay..so some of you have been bugging me to join yerf *eyes Reaper and Xian* but the thing is..im so sensitive about rejection! seriously..you have no idea =P
last time they rejected me..yeah i could see why NOW art wise, but it was for stupid reasons (crappy scan/ static pose etc..)

so i was wondering, are any of my VCL works yerf worthy? i thought maybe do my recent one with the LuffWuffs, but should something like that have at least some sort of simple background? what about my owls? they allow a certain ammount of wildlife-ish art...and they said that one wild life piece is okay.

and how about the scans..do they suck? how do i fix them? basically why im saying this on my live journal is cuz those yerf forum admins are so topic-lock happy i dont wanna put a topic where it doesnt belong..ask a "duh?" question or do anything else to annoy them and hinder my chances =P okay..now im sounding all nervous and giddy.

so please..help? *holds out a pathetic paw*
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Shabu Dog


i just wanna say that i love my wuffy boy with all my heart =) hes so sweet to me!
he just called me and was telling me how cute and sweet and snuggly i am. then we got to trill, yip and bark and woof at each other for a good 15 minutes and say our "i love you's" and sweet cute things like that. *sigh* god i miss him. hes so huggable =)

i was thinking while watching joe millionaire last night....if i were put in that position and had a bunch of guys wanting to go out with me, and tavis was there, and all my other exes were there..i would most definitely hands down pick tavis. no..not cuz hes my boyfriend now sillies..but because we have so much in common its ridiculous. i mean..hell..the fact that were both balto loving furs, thats kinda hard to come by let alone find someone youre actually attracted to mentally and physically. *mrrs* i feel lucky. and though ill technically be "alone" on valentines day..ill be thinking of how happy i am to have someone somewhere out there loving me the way Tavis does. *mrrs*

oh...and thank you God for bringing him home safe..just next time..please dont allow me to get hysterical. say something next time! God has a wacky sense of humor and loves to watch me torture myself =P
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