February 13th, 2003

Shabu Dog


someone...please..tell me the difference between an ocelot and a margay!
i was looking in a "field guide to north american mammals" and the picture of the ocelot and the picture of the margay looked surprisingly similar. =P

my eyes ache really bad. perhapsi strained them from too much computer or too much intense drawing. i think i need glasses. i had some with georgio armani frames, but i didnt like em, and i lost em, and they were the wrong perscription i realize anyhow. i just wanna get some simple frames for some *far distance* viewing. yep. im nearsighted to a degree..but i can drive just fine without glasses, its not that bad. its just annoying. besides, colors look more vibrant with glasses. why is that?

im fed up with a lot of things. my mind is a mess right now and that nap i took earlier today isnt helping my sleeping schedule. ive also been thinking about my job situation. i want to get a job, but its driving me nuts thinking that i wont get to do things that ive been planning on doing for awhile, ie: see tav this summer, AC, east coast furmeet...prom....theres no WAY a jobs ruining prom for me. is there a happy medium? are jobs usually pretty leniant if you had plans for something before they hired you? god i have a lot to give up.

also ive been kinda bugged cuz i have so many things i want to draw but no time to do them. i just cant bring myself to do the things i owe people. heres what i need to do:

-finish coloring Michele's commission...im SO CLOSE to being done its not even funny
-Westly is coloring my wolfhome poses for WolfDancer...*sighs* i should never have posted that offer...better yet, should never have drawn those poses. theyre more trouble than theyre worth *hugs Westly*
-finish sketching Fen's commission. i dont mind it really..im actually enjoying the project. thats a first.
-color Goldfur's leaping foxtaur he won on furbid from me *shouldnt take long really*
-get going on JerryLeeps commission...JERRY I NEED REFERENCE PICS! if i dont have reference pics i wont be able to finish it im sorry. dont wanna cheat you out of your $ but you havent been getting back to me at all. need feedback.
-mail Fox Cutters prints *still havent yet..im BAD!*

and now for the things i WANT to do but feel guilty about doing cuz of my priorities:
-finish that drawing i started for Katarina. i promised her wenchy goodness awhile ago and im so close to finishing it
-draw random conbadges. did some sketches tonight...theyre fun!
-finish my LJ icons. yep...almost done with those...Katarina is standing by for hosting *thanks Kat*
-do some really elaborate pics that have been swimming through my head like that compilation project Tiff and I had in mind with the Arabian Oryx *shes doing the background after all* not that she has the time either though..so that ones going on the back burner.
-Get seriously working on that running wolf pic Snow and i are working on...im almost done with the prelim sketch. im not changing the head like someone said on yerf unless its TOTALLY wonky cuz...well..i start drawing things from the head and its kinda hard for me to go back without changing everything =P besides..i think it looks fine.
-make tails and ears for Tav and i. i need white, dark grey and light gray shag fur..like long shag. anyone got any or know where to get some? i also need some moderately furry dark grey/light grey, if anyone has some extra and/or knows where to get it please let me know.
-lots of other things i think of spur of the moment.

so yeah. in a bind. im getting to be where im unreliable and i dont want to be that way. im always on top of things when it comes to my commissions...i dont know how i allowed myself to slip. i guess it happens to everyone now and again
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Shabu Dog

Things that Annoy Thorn Part Deux

yes im aware of the fact that part one was a "friends only" post. lucky you. you get to see me bitch again.

-when people call me by my first name (yes..Nicole is actually my MIDDLE name)
-when people mispronounce my name (Nick-oh-al, Nickle, Nic-hole)
-when people mispronounce my last name ie: Dornsniff, Dornsniffy, Darnisee, Doorknob, Dorssiff. Its Dornsife. prnounced exactly how its fucking spelled. losers. Dorn..as in Porn...Sife...as in Knife. DORNSIFE! especially those from pennsylvania have no excuse to misprounce it..after all, there IS a Dornsife, PA.
-people who act like the furry fandom counts as a "steady income"
-the fact that people think Goldie and Kyoht invented weres
-little youth groupers who are all like "we belong to our youth group..come dahling, you should join us! were the elite!" and exclude you if youre not in their stupid little youth group. stupid juniors.
-freshmen who are smaller than me. they have no excuse to be smaller than ME, ESPECIALLY the males.
-when people think im a freshman *yeah i know totally goes against what i just said in that last one*
-mom telling me shell stay out of my room but still comes in and nags me thinking it helps.
-when mom says "you look worse today than you did yesterday" gee mom. thanks. love you too.
-suck ups "omg im commenting in your live journal to cheer you up about a personal problem cuz i wanna suck up to you and get gift art for being such a great friend...oh did i mention you dont know me?"
-psychos "i printed out your picture and hung it over my bed so i can look at you all night long and tell everyone youre my girlfriend" *winks at a certain 2 people*
-people who are like "hey, im a fur, lets meet up! alone! did i mention im male! do you have a mate?!"
-people flirting with my mate "GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY BOYFRIEND ESSE! ILL FUCK YOU UP CHICA!" and so forth...
-the types of people who actually SAY that stuff.
-when girls wear shorts that are too tight to walk in, and you can see their butts.
-when figure drawing models show you their ass hole cuz they think the human body is beautiful in ALL its entirety. no thank you..i like looking at the outside..not your anus and the goodies inside.
-being patted on the head *did i ever mention that? YES i know im short..get over it, im not your personal arm rest*
-not being able to sleep cuz someone who was supposed to call you didnt...*eyes Tavis*
-bargaining with God "look, ill go to church twice this month if you promise that i wont get a ticket on my way to Long Beach" etc.
-Orange Alerts
-mass hysteria
-the fact that theres NO CELLOPHANE AND DUCT TAPE ANYWHERE IN THIS GOD FORSAKEN CITY!! WERE ALL GONNA DIE!...yeah..did i mention mass hysteria?
-the way strawberry soda...and nothing else...stains my teeth pink, yet its so tasty.
-when theres a stench in a classroom or your room and you cant figure out from who or where its coming from..and it smells like someone started farting but didnt have the muscle control to stop and every gas in their body leaked out.
-when people ask me "what kind of fur are you? do you like having sex in fursuits?"
-when people assume im a guy. does anything about me just radiate essence of "guy?"
-the fact that people think that everything were must be native american in genre. yes, i do draw that, but im also very fascinated with native american stuff..and not EVERY were i draw is native american. look at pardo *i drew him more were like yes..* and look at LuffWuffs. nowhere do i see anything related to "indians" and whatnot. besides...try looking into other cultures. celtic is a good one..so is arabian and aztec
-when you tell someone to do something IN DETAIL and they repeat it back to you IN DETAIL and say there gonna do it. then when you ask them about it theyre like "what? what do you mean? you never said that...oh i must have not been listening."
-when you give someone constructive criticism and they just DONT take it. especially anatomy stuff like when something is so insanely screwed up its not even funny and they dont fix it...but color it instead. =P *of course im like that too on occasion...but its not for insanely bad stuff like that, just minor things your average joe wouldnt notice, like neck fluff*
-when friends charge you for stuff or are anal about having you pay them back, especially after you give them free junk and help them out all the time
-my upstairs neighbors
-when people hate you one minute yet ask you to sit by them the next and are all friendly
-people who turn other people into super negative jerks simply by being around them
-bad influences
-not being able to escape a bad influence
-when you cant understand what a guys saying cuz they only seem to make grunting sounds and low noises *HUR HUGH RHM BLUGH*
-when people IM me, talk for a bit, then when i go quiet they do things like say LOL or "soo....??" or ^__^ =) =) =) =) !!!!! ?????? ....................... or POOOOOOOOOP...basically try to get my attention without success. it just annoys me.
yes. i do talk to other people....hang on a minute.
-when people dont understand why i have my away message on all the time..see above reason if youre curious.
-topic-lock happy admins on the yerf forums. "hey i have a question about..TOPIC LOCKED!! HAHA!"
-when LJ eats my entry
-when everyone wants to plan a party but never takes up responsibility..so i end up having to do it.
-when i nominate amy's or liz's house for a party cuz i dont have the house i was PROMISED BY MY MOTHER WHEN SHE GOT REMARRIED. sorry guys.
-bad artists who ask me for an art trade (i feel bad refusing them...but i think i have the right to. i mean i spend a lot of effort on my half)
-the post office and how theyve lost several packages ive been expecting. sorry tiff, i know your fam works there, but its not their fault..its the post office in other states *grrs* im about to go postal myself...
-when sand gets in places you didnt know you had..*ouch*
-when you have sparkles on your face and you dont know where they came from.
-when mom goes out and gets food for her and mike but neglects me.where the hell is that child support money going?!
-when people think that just because you dont e-mail them back, you hate them. i dont reply to a lot of e-mails these days mainly cuz ill either talk to them on IM, or my inbox will eat it. =P
-when i have dreams of peeing...i never wet the bed..but its still scary. especially cuz youre unconcious
-when ex friends steal my stuff....*yes i havent gotten my dogma DVD back yet*
-when people i dont like touch me in a friendly way...theyre not sincere...so why do it?
-milk breath
-when people say im evil. yep. get that a lot...mostly from mom. im the diet pepsi of evil..COME ON!
-when people dont appreciate my art when i give it to them as a present and spend a lot of time on it.
-the reaction of "oh. thats cute."
-when "great" artits like kyoht, goldie and starfinder get a SLEW of critiques but people like me and some others dont get any..its like..."oo theyre good..lets cut em down to size."
-drawing backgrounds
-when my eyes hurt like theyve been lifting weights *yes...eyes lifting weights*
-when i act like a blithering idiot in front of tav's friends for no reason * i get nervous*
- when i start laughing a lot or acting like a total priss in front of new people cuz im nervous *like when i met JC....sorry i wasnt more relaxed...*
-water under peoples bridges that makes it hard for me and them to get along for reasons totally uninvolving me
-the bad reputation my mate has gotten when hes really the sweetest guy in the whole world and treats me better than any guy has. keep this in mind next time you flame him....cuz the only people who know him are me, and frisket, and frisket is his ex so shes entitled to rant *though really i think all of its been said =P *. youre not. nor will you ever have that right you stupid ass kissing poos.
-when people invade my space
-when people stare at me for long periods of time for no reason *unless its a loving stare..but even those can get annoying after awhile...*
-the way my mom treats my originals like crap and my prints like gold ie: Thorn, whatever happened to "peace in the desert?" oh...it got THROWN in a box.
Thorn, whatever happened to your owls PRINTS? there stored in a stiff cardboard container all nicely pressed and ready for framing.
-when people i dont know e-mail me SWEARING up and down that im someone with a hearing disorder who likes horses that they met at a christmas party..even when i say "i dont know you..i swear i dont..."
-weres who change their totems/sides/whatever the hell they do all the time. like "oo! i have wings today..but tomorrow ill have horns....so dont bother following the reference sheet"
-money and all the evil it causes
-my desire to be lazy all the time
-the fact that no matter how much i get accomplished it still seems like i have a billion things to do
-my brain wont stop thinking of good art ideas but my hand cant keep up.
-the fact that i had so many more to list, but i forgot most of them. is that a good thing? theyll just turn up later.

now if youll excuse me, im going to go write Elton John a fan letter.
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