February 14th, 2003

Shabu Dog

im scared, therefore i sketch

to get my mind off the events of my country, i decided to draw a little bit.

here are some conbadge sketches..i figured id just draw a random drawing and eventually *after commissions* put them on furbid as "ask me how to color it commission" or something like that. i think it might be interesting...and id be doing it for shits and giggles anyways. these are fun. =)


and then a little doodle i did of Thorn and Engel swimming. Im such a goof...and no...she isnt farting. shes blowing bubbles, you freaks ;)

Water Wolves

i also did a little valentines day doodle i may ink...so...no peekies until im done with that one. i want it to be a surprise for my wuffer. *sigh* wuffer...i miss him. i wish i could fly him out here so he could be with me instead of that dreaded east coast. dont get me wrong..but i feel a lot safer here...even though were closer to North Korea. *sighs and mumbles* now im depressed again. back to the drawing board. stupid media stressing me out.
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Shabu Dog

weird dream

i swear i think my dreams are really a waste of time.

last night i dreamed that Tavis and i went to K-Mart to get some valentines presents. he saw some clothes right next to the door and wanted to see if he just threw one of the shirts out the door the alarm would sound. it did. and these big burly security guards came after him and took him to a back room. i got all worried and asked the security guard leader what they were going to do to him and if i was going to see him again alive. he said "maybe maybe not" =P jerk.
so then finally Tav came out, his spirit broken and hes like "come on lets go to Target..'sigh'" apparently he got the crap kicked outta him. =P
so then we went to this baseball field so we could be alone, but the "Big Heavy Woman's Baseball Team" was playing against the "Skinny Malnourished Woman's Baseball Team" and we really wanted to sit in one of the dugouts cuz it was really hot out. one of the big heavy woman came charging after us like a rhino when we set foot on the field...but we escaped and ran around to the Skinny Women's dugout and chased em out. they were smaller than us *tee hee*.
aaaand..thats when low flying planes woke me up 0_o
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Shabu Dog

yay for laziness!!

Tavis and i both havent sent our V-Day presents yet. arent we just SO on top of things? lovely ;) eh..well send em later. no biggie. but im gonna finish up that drawing i started for him..

GOD I LOVE MY SNUGGLY WUGGLY WUFFY BUTT OF A MATE! *snuggles and murrs and kisses and smoochies*

Happy Valentines Day All! *hugs and kisses to you too*
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Shabu Dog

i think im gonna stay in

i just came back from a job interview at pier 1 imports. i dont want to work there..but..at least the interview went well.

i then came home and put on the TV. there was a special on about Lake Hodges. it must have been an old documentary because Lake Hodges doesnt exist anymore. its more like Hodges Valley. a severe drought caused the entire lake to try up and now theres an entire forest thriving in its place. god id just LOVE to go down there and search for bones/trinkets dropped off of boats. =) theyre even thinking about building houses there though i dont think thats a good idea. what if the lake fills up again? though i doubt that would happen.
they also talked about a "lake monster" that apparently lives in lake hodges. thats funny. i think his name is Hodge Podge. =P

quite amusing...
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