February 15th, 2003

Shabu Dog

question about the VCL

why is it that the VCL uploader butchers pictures? seriously..this picture looked so clean and nice and pretty in photoshop, but shitty once i uploaded it. see?! its all pixelated!

could someone tell me how to fix this problem..if its a possibility? thank you

Thank you so much Naryu for helping me with this God forsaken uploader! now my picture looks primo! well...as good as it can look online i suppose, but now i can fix a bunch of my other images so they dont look like pure crap! thank you foxy *huggles*
oh yeah..you can see the new and improved version here. *glee*
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Shabu Dog

status report

but first...Naryu isnt this your Kao?

anyhoo..back to business:
DC/Mirror Eyes - Finishing coloring
Michele - Finishing Coloring
Goldfur - Completed
Michi - can i please have a reference of Wildfire again por favor? *is a silly wuff*
Fen - still sketching
Jerry - on hold until you give me references *dies*

please let me know if im leaving anyone out.
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