February 19th, 2003

Shabu Dog

i gotta stop having cupcakes before bedtime

im starting to get CRAZY dreams. i had this CGI dream of this dancing bear with a tail that was dressed like Gambit and a little Koala was biting his ankles. and yes it was computer animated. i dont know how but it was.
then i had a dream that Tavis and i were in some creepy house and we were snuggling and i went over to kiss him and he started making annoying noises with his mouth =P

well right now im getting ready to go to the optometrist for a check up to see whats up with my crazy eyes. the pain as unbearable yesterday...yet im feeling okay today. whats up with that?!
i have a LOT of homework tonight. something tells me im not going to be able to go shopping. oh well.
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Shabu Dog

dont hate me

i just bought 5 tanned coyote faces off of ebay. thought it might be perfect for references and arts and crafts.


i have mixed feelings about stuff like this. i can never get my hands on a nice coyote pelt/face/tail without thinking of the animal but the whole time im thinking "god i could make something cool out of that" or "wow what an up close and personal view of the fur!" i know most people use pelts for artistic purposes but still..i feel bad for the poor yoties. i only may keep one or two though.

as for rabbit hides, i bid on some cheap white ones today. i care about yoties but i dont care at all about rabbits. why is that?
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